Copenhagen Zoo *The Writing Games*

This is the story of how a zoo killed a giraffe and 4 lions due to them affecting breeding. Told from a fictional character's point of view. *For the Writing Games*


6. At the Zoo

    It was Sunday and Grace and I were wandering Copenhagen Zoo.

It was raining and quite dreary. It fit my mood.

Knowing that this place might be murdering a giraffe right this second made me feel sick.

I wondered if Grace felt the same way. We looked at different things.

Eventually, I said, "Grace, let's walk over to the giraffes, I can't stand waiting around. Maybe we can find some news."

She nodded her head in response.

We passed very few people as we went. No one wants to come on a dreary day. We were close to the giraffes now.

I saw a little crowd. Could it be? I ran as fast as I could with Grace right beside me. When we came up to the crowd, using saw the most terrifying, blood-chilling sight.

There, surrounded by the crowd was a man, with a knife.

On the floor next to him was a young giraffe. They had killing Marius, and they did it in front of children.

They did in front of me.

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