Im In Love With A Bad Boy

Meleanie is liams younger sister and she has a crush on zayn who is 4 years older than her and is the bad boy of the group , but she liked the bad boy type of guys , liam doesnt like her hanging around zayn alone , but what happens when zayn and main girl start dating and try to hide it from liam


2. chapter two

Melanie s Pov

Walking up Saturday afternoon  it sound really quiet in the house so I decided to go and see if Liam was still sleeping or here .

I looked I to his room and it was empty so I ran downstairs and didn't see him anywhere and then I came across a note on the living room table and I picked it up to read it .

It said : Meleanie I am going to be out of town for the weekend I expect the house not be destroyed so I have told the guys to come and check on you. Liam.

Well that's means Zayn will stop I can actually hang out with him without my brother ruining it for me .

I decided to watch my favorite TV show series Pretty Little Liars. All of a sudden the doorbell rings I get up to answer it and I see Zayn standing there .

Zayns Pov

" Hey Melanie I was told to come check on you this weekend because your brother is outta town with his girlfriend "

"Yeah come on in I was just watching my show" She says as I follow her I inside to the living room .

I sit next her on the couch I cant help look at her she has beautiful long brown hair and bright blue eyes .

Melanie s POV

I can see him staring at me through the corner of my eye , I don't know what to do this is the first time for us to be alone .

I felt shy around him I didn't know what to say .

"So how have  you been seeing anyone ?" I ask curiously .

"No im not seeing anyone ." He said looking into my eyes .

"Whats your number so I can text you and talk to you ." I asked him shyly I wasn't sure if he would even give it to me. 

Zayns POV

Did she really just ask me for my number , she is really pretty and cute .

I just kept looking at her and then I decided to give it to her.

"Ok here is my number " I say as I grab her phone ans put my number in it.

"Thanks I really wanna hang out more ." She says as her eyes met mine and I can tell the way she is looking at me she likes me . 

"Well maybe we can go to the park or something." I say as I place my hand on hers and she blushes a little .

Melanie  pov

Wow I just got Zayns number I have never been happier in my life , now i gotta make sure my brother doesn't find out , I don't care what he says that he doesn't want me hanging around zayn . It my decision and I can be the judge of if he is right for me or not . 

It was already late maybe he will stay the night ! 

"So its pretty late do you wanna stay the night and we can play video games or watch a movie?" I ask hoping he will say yes as I see him look towards me . 

"Honestly Melanie I would love to but Liam will be home tomorrow and I don't want to be here when he gets otherwise he will be so mad at me and you." He said as he got up and headed toward the door.

I didn't want him to leave , but he does have a point about my brother.

Standing at the door to say good night he turns around and gives me a hug goodnight. 

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