Im In Love With A Bad Boy

Meleanie is liams younger sister and she has a crush on zayn who is 4 years older than her and is the bad boy of the group , but she liked the bad boy type of guys , liam doesnt like her hanging around zayn alone , but what happens when zayn and main girl start dating and try to hide it from liam


1. Chapter One


Melanie  POV

Thank god it was Friday no more snobby girls at school who are jealous because im the younger sister of liam payne from the biggest boy band in the world One Direction . 

It was weird when some of my friends would tell me hat my brother was hot , it was really weird. They would always want to come over just to see him. 

When I got to the house I seen a car parked in the driveway so I knew zayn was over he was my brother s best friend , but I do have a crush on him he is so hot.

I walk in the door and I see Zayn and my brother sitting on the couch playing video games and I just kept staring at Zayns jet black hair and his beautiful brown eyes and his gorgeous smile. I noticed him looking my way and I started blushing and then walked up to my room. 

Liams Pov 

I know my sister has a thing for Zayn but I don't like it , hes older than her and he has that bad boy personality and I don't want my little sister getting hurt . 

I was waiting for Zayn to come back and play video games , I heard talking coming from the kitchen so I got up to go see what was going on and I come to the kitchen and I see Zayn and Melanie standing there talking while shes making food. 

"Zayn hey did you forget about our game " I say looking at Zayn . He headed back in the living room . I could see by the look Melanie was giving me that she was mad about something. 

"I can tell your mad I don't want you want you hanging out with Zayn alone okay I don't want you to get hurt" 

She kept giving me that look . I don't like when she is mad at me but I feel like I am the one who needs to protect her .

Meleanie Pov

Hearing my brother tell me that I cant't hang out with zayn because he thinks that he isn't right for me . I just roll my eyes at him and walk away and head back to my room . 

Laying on my bed listing to music thinking about Zayn and his beautiful accent. He was perfect in every way and I want him to be mine. 

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