Just a Little Hope

Cameron Matthews' mom died a couple months back and ever since then her step-dad abused her. one night she decided to run away and ran into a dreamy boy from one direction... Niall Horan❤️ will Cameron be able to live a happy life with Niall without Ben (her step-dad) finding her?


1. My Life 😭

Cameron's POV;

"Get Over here!" Ben yelled. Before I could walk over he came over and punched me hard in the gut. I could never escape this maniac ever since my mom died and I never knew what to do.

"I said now!!!" he screamed even louder this time.

"Why do you treat me this way?!" I screamed back... Bad idea. Before I knew it I was being hammered into the wall.

"NO BACKTALKING!!" Ben screamed so loud it almost shook the house.

Thank The Lord someone knocked on the door cause now it was my chance to escape.

"You stay right here and don't move or you will regret it!!" He threatens. Well like always I didn't listen and I got my emergency bag and jumped out into my window and into my pool and hurried up and got out and ran away before he noticed.

Ben's POV:

That little brat escaping when I open the door! When I get her back that's one thing I won't do.. Open the door.

"Get back her you brat!!" I yelled at here. Well look at that, she didn't listen. Wasn't surprised by that.

"You're going to regret this sooo much when I get you back!!" I screamed and this time I know she heard me because she looks back at me.

Cameron's POV:

He kept threatening me but I just kept running I had to get out of that monstrous home!

I kept running till it was daylight and I was lost and I really don't know where it am but I bet someone will help me soon... I hope.

Niall's POV:

I woke up to my mom and she already made me breakfast. Yay!

"Thanks mom." I said while kissing her on the cheek. I loved her so much I have no idea what I would do without her. When I looked out the window I saw a girl walking down the road and she looked lost.

"I'll be right back mom." I said as I walked out the door. I forgot I didn't have a shirt on but oh well.

"Hey you look lost.. Do you need help?" I asked and she seemed to look scared.

"N-No I'm fine.." She stuttered. I looked at here with concern.

"Okay I'm lost but I don't need help" she said.

"Come with me." I said but she still looked scared.

"I won't hurt you." With that she came with me.

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