Magic Test

Jackqulin Battle is drafted into a magic test to earn stronger powers or to lose it all, (Blurb in progress)


2. Chapter Two

I turn to Izzy, “Why did you pick me? You should have picked someone who has a chance at helping you win. I’m just going to be dead weight!”

She cut me off, her voice yelling through the speaker of my phone, “You are my friend, the only person I trust. I trust you to help me to the best of your abilities. Others wouldn’t truly help me!”

“Ok,” I say before turning off my phone. She probably wants me because she knows that if we do not get an item, she can easily win against me in the battle. But, she is also my friend and she probably knows that if we win the test, I will probably get enough powers that the kid at school will not make fun of me anymore. I check my bag to make sure I have everything, clothes (check), hairbrush (double check), other needed items (check), food (check), and sword kit (check). I strap Kindness around my orange skirt, now ready to go.

“Sissy! Wait!” a voice cries out behind me, “Take this Sissy.” I turn around to face her. My sister, with the looks, and magic, I have always wanted.

“What Sweetie?”

“Take your sweater. It might be cold down there, “I nod as I grab the pink thing, “You just may need it, “She says. I put it on over my green T-shirt.

“Thanks Sweetie, “I say, ruffling her black hair. I step out of our small home and start to head to the gate way.


“Jack! Over here!” I walk toward Izzy’s voice, pushing past the news crews and onlookers. “Jack! All the teams are over here already except you!”

“Naw, really Sherlock?” I say looking at the six other people in front of us. Clara Savage and Imogen Keap, sixteen. Filbert Delorien (Dumbo) and Cadie Ellington, seventeen. Boris Smthe and Alexandrew Olally, eighteen. Isabelle Finch and Jackqulin Battle, fifteen. People at school will probably be betting now on who will lose his or her powers. Probably I or Filbert is the top picks. But Filbert was the first one picked in his age group, so he must have some tricks up his sleeve. A camera flashes in my face, and I blink repeatedly to see again. The cameras have started because Borus and Alexandrew are ready to go through the gateway. Gone. Filbert and Cadie, gone. Clara and Imogen, gone. Izzy and me, gone.


“Quick Izzy! I scream as soon as I am able to see straight, “The items!” I reach into my bag, grabbing the package they had given everyone. I tear the paper away, grabbing the first piece of helpful paper I see. The list of items!

Goldene Schule, Boris und Alexandrew, eine Munute.  Reitjacke, Clara und Imogen, zwei Minuten. Schwarze Handschule, ~, ~ Ort: Schwarzwald, Deutschland. Ihr Standort: Schwarzwald, Deutschland.

“Izzy can you read this? We need to hurry up!”

“No, but the map looks like Germany, and we should be in the black forest region. Dumbo and Cadie are here also. Along with a dot saying Schwarze Handschule near here.”

“That’s the unclaimed item!”

“It’s this way, near us,” Izzy said before running off, looking at her map, and I after her. “Here, we’re right on top of the schwarze Handshule, where is it?”

“Would gloves count at Handschule, hand shoes?” I ask.

“I guess, why?”

“I see a pair of black gloves.”

“Go get them Jack!”

“’K,” I say, walking up towards the gloves, Kindness up now in case anything comes out at me. Even if I could not do magic well, I know how to use a sword. I sprint the last few feet, quickly grabbing the gloves and going back, putting Kindness back into her sheath, “Got ‘em!”

“Now, watta we do with them?”

“Sherlock, we keep them safe for a week.”

“Or,” a new voice answered, Dumbo I believe, “you give those to use, and everyone walks away. Happy and whole.”

“Surprise!” Cadie said, her hands spread out, the spark of magic around them. I take our Kindness out of her sheath, up in a defensive stance. Now trying or pour defensive magic into her to put up a shield. I throw the gloves to Izzy, telling her to run. Trying magic again. Will not work. Yell at Izzy to run. Try harder. Watch Cadie fling a blast of magic. Scream at Izzy to run. Try. Too much at once is happening at once. Screaming, watching, trying, failing. Relaxing. That is the first step to magic, right? Time slows down. Yeah, relaxing. I need to relax. Slow my pounding heart. Stop my quivering lips. Normalize my breathing. Imagine. Imagine a shield in front of me. A big, blue, shining thing. Releasing. Let the magic free from inside of me. Hoping. Hope for it to form. Letting go. Let the magic stop flowing from my body. Release… the breath I had been holding.

Time sped up again. “Look who can form a shield. Oh no! I can’t cast magic at you, “Cadie says, “Not, Here’s my weakest spell.” She let that earlier spark of magic continue to my shield. I watch, unmoving as the flakes barely touch me shield, but still sending it flying into tons of time, shining blue shards that disappear into nothingness. “Want to see what that does to humans? Of course you do!” She sent the same thing off at me. I watch again in horror as the sparks touch my skin, giving me a shock. Just as much as if someone runs across carpet in their socks and then touches you. “Your shield was weak. Just. Like. You. You can’t do magic. I’m surprised you got that failure of a thing even up. Now hand over those gloves and you won’t be hurt at all. I won’t even hurt your friend either.”

“No,” I manage, “Izzy, run!” The first blast hits me, sending me flying back.

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