Magic Test

Jackqulin Battle is drafted into a magic test to earn stronger powers or to lose it all, (Blurb in progress)


3. Chapter Three

I gasp, fling backwards into a tree, sending red leaves falling down on top of me.

I watch as Cadie walks up to me, blasting me again, keeping me on the ground, “Too bad the rules state I can’t kill you. Mortally wound of course, I won’t be eliminated from the competition if I do that and you die on your own time. After you, we’ll go after your friend and take the gloves. Fight her too!” I weakly raise Kindness to protect me from any physical attacks. “Stupid girl. Think that’ll protect you from me? Let me tell you, it won’t! Stupid.” She blasts my hand with a concentrated heat wave, making me drop the now heated handle and watch as my hand bursts out into blisters from the heat. “Admit that you’re a failure, and I will cause a less painful death than planned. It won’t take as long for you fall over,” Cadie now has an insane looking smile on her face, “and I won’t kill your precious friend, only stop her from being able to continue. Maybe break her legs?”

“No,” I hoarsely whisper, managing to speak, “you can’t take-“

I am stopped by Cadie, “Too darn bad for you, you’re boring me. Well, I. Just.  May. Let. You Die. As. The. Failure. You. Are,” Cadie ended her sentence, blasting me with magic with every word. Pain ran up all my nerves, cuts, blisters, and bruises appearing all over me. Seeing me still awake Cadie starting screaming words at me, “You wanna die now? Let you bleed out? Burn you? Freeze you? What do you want, seeing how you’re still awake!” She kicked me, thinking about what to do next, “How ‘bout I let you slowly die, your very life leaving your body with every pump of your heart? Sound fun, right?” I watch her hands start to glow with magic before stopping, “Filbert! Put yourself to good use! Give me that charm, no Stupid! The anti-magic charm, we don’t want her to have increased magic!” He hands her a shining blue crystal on a necklace, which she promptly sticks around my neck. I immediately feel drained and tired, all of my magic gone, well, what little I have of it.

“This little beauty takes away all the magic of the wearer of it. Now, there is no chance of you fighting back. We can begin!” Her face becomes even more crazed, her hands sparkling with magic. I prepare myself for unbearable pain. “Time to die!” She screams, releasing daggers of magic. One hits my hand first, cutting deeply into my already blistered hand before disappearing. More come my way, but time only slows down when I see where one specific one is headed.

It is inches away from my heart. I could hear Cadie laughing crazily and Dumbo asking what is going on. It was about to hit me, centimeters away when my sweater releases a blast of magic, not anything of my own making. The only explanation I can come up with is my sister put a spell on it to protect me when I was in life threatening conditions. A shield now completely surrounds me. Cadie stops laughing, “What? How? I put an anti-magic crystal on you, even you shouldn’t be able to cast magic!”

“I’m not using magic!” I yell through the shield.

“But how? You’re the failure, the weakest target out of everyone here!”

That is almost as bad a killing me, pointing that out again, but I regain my composure, “Not anymore!” I’m here to wind and get my magical powers!” I reach with my tired and hurt hands to take the charm off,  throwing it to the side, filling with power again, “Now go away! Or, or I’ll fight you!” I grab Kindness of the ground. Cadie is screaming not understandable words at me with rage, Dumbo finally having some sense and pulling her away.  I run off in the direction Izzy went off, alive. Badly harmed, but alive, having won for the first time. Maybe I am not so useless after all!

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