Magic Test

Jackqulin Battle is drafted into a magic test to earn stronger powers or to lose it all, (Blurb in progress)


1. Chapter One

Before I start, here is the dedication my friends Miranda and Meridth wanted for helping me with names.


“Miss Battle! Pay attention in class!”

My eyes snap up from the window that I had been looking out of. “Yes Miss?”

“How do you put up a protection spell?”

“With my hands or my magic item,”

“Tell me how to put up our spell with Kindness,”

Kindness, my magic item. My sword, enchanted with magic to make a witch or wizard’s life a bit easier by lessening the amount of magic need to cast a spell. Kind of like a catalyst in chemical reactions. You also don’t realize how important that it is until it is gone from the equation. You get worn out quicker because it takes up more energy. How long one can go on casting the magic or how much ATP is used in the other. “To put up a protection spell with Kindness, I put her into a blocking position and poor a trickle of defensive magic into her,” I say. If only I could get these simple words to actually work for me.

“The importance of this, Miss Battle?”

“Certain magical attacks will now be unable to hit the user. Some of us can leave his or her defensive spell up and cast offensive or healing spells at the same time.”

“Why do you kids know this information anyway?” The teacher is asking the whole class this time.

Someone behind me raised their hand, “All of us a fifteen or older now. We have the option for being drafted into the magical test in the human dimension. Though some witches have even less chance than the rest of us.” I hear some snickers behind me. Everyone knows who that kid was talking about. Me. I will never get a chance to get into the magic test. I wish I could. It is only the biggest deal for a witch or wizard to be given. Ever. Only eight students, ages fifteen to eighteen each year get to go down to Earth to battle against each other, of course no one is killed, to earn one of seven items in that dimension. The seven get out of school for the rest of their lives and have heightened magical abilities. The one person, who does not get an item, is, well, his or her magical abilities are removed. Sometimes though, more than one person fails to get an item from the seven. Like one year, all seven were badges that the President of the United States gave out. Not single person got an item in a year. All eight lost their powers. No one knows who will be drafted in until someone gets a call from the head of school. Six kids this year have already been called down. All ages sixteen to eighteen. Two kids out age were still needed to go. Two girls specifically. Four boys and two girls were called in already. The call for someone being drafted usually is made at the end of class, near lunch. Usually around now.

“Bzz! Bzz! Miss Isabella Finch please report to the front office! Bzz! Bzz!”

“Izzy!” I scream, flying out of the classroom, much to the teacher’s objections, “You were drafted! You’re gonna take the magic test?! I give her one last hug before Izzy, my best friend, walks down the hall to take place in the test everyone wants to take.

“Miss Battle! Get back in here and pay attention in class!”

I walk back inside and sit sown in my chair when the buzzer rings out again, “Bzz! Bzz! Miss Jackqulin Battle please report to the front office! Bzz! Bzz!” I frown as they say my full name, Jackqulin. I prefer to go by Jack. Jack Battle the witch. Jack Battle the offensive power witch. Me. That is, if I could cast a spell without messing it up in some way. Not strong enough. Too strong. Too direct. Not direct enough. My list goes on. I grab my things. Mainly books from the human dimension to read I want to read, and head to the front office. Nobody cheers me on as I walk on. I took everyone’s wanted spot. Small, dirty, weird Jackqulin. Jackqulin Battle the witch. Jackqulin Battle, the failure of a witch. Me. Nobody wanted to be weird Jackqulin’s friends until Izzy come here from another school.

She had gotten stuck with me as a guide to get her around the school. I did not like ‘Isabella’ at first. She was a popular. Rich to boot. Her first few days she was here, she had blond hair, but she soon got a magical perm that made her hair blue and pink bubble gum. We became friends though over time, no idea how. I first figured that out when for my birthday, Izzy now bought me a magical perm. The box promised wavy black hair. What I had always wanted. It did not work At all. My hair stayed a startling white. I was born with white hair. It promised that I would have great power, as if that had ever happened. The one thing that did change though was the style. My hair used to be stick straight, but now, I cannot get it to do anything other than spiky. It stays that way all the time now, no matter what creams and foams I put in it. With my waist length hair, I ended up, and still do, look like a giant white porcupine. I have been able to learn how to keep it all back with a ribbon now. We never attempted that again. Izzy though, always felt bad about it and has tried to make it up to me by buying hair brushes for me. Within the two years that I have known her. We have become besties.

I step into the front office, waiting to be told the missions for the magic test. “JACK!” Izzy runs up to me and hugs me tightly, “They asked me who I wanted with me down there!”

“Watta ya mean? That you picked me?”

“The test is going to be different this year!” You work with another person your age! We both get to go down there! They are changing how the test works!”

A voice in front of me starts, the head of the school, “Jackqulin Battle, you have been picked by Isabella Finch to be her partner during the magic test. We will be changing the normal procedure that normally occurs. Four teams of two will be sent down to the human dimension. Pairings will be made with the persons of the same age. Once down there, the four teams have to find of the three items. The first team to get an item and keep ahold of it for a week without another team’s member touching the item get sent back here, to the magic dimension with the regular honors. It one team left has to battle magical against each other. The winner of that battle keeps his or her normal powers while the loses his or her powers. You each get a list of the three items, with who has the item, and how long. You each also get a map of the human real, human realm money, a bag of stuff from your room, and your magic item. Good luck to you all.”

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