Magic Test

Jackqulin Battle is drafted into a magic test to earn stronger powers or to lose it all, (Blurb in progress)


4. Chapter Four

“Izzy!” I scream, “Where are you?”

“Jack?” Izzy calls to me, “Wait a minute, let me take my camouflage off.” I stay still, waiting for her to appear from hiding. “Jack!” She screams, hugging me from behind. I wince in pain as she hit many of my cuts at once. “Jack! I thought you were a goner, bit then you got that shield up, so I ran and got the gloves to safety like you told me. I heard you scream though, didn’t I. Oh my goodness Jack! What the hell happened to you Jack? You’re bleeding! We need to wash and bandage those, and your hand! Jack, how are you holding your sword still? Here, let me put it up. Jack. Jack? Jack! Ja-“ I did not hear anymore of her words. The world was turning black. I think I am passing out. The last thing I remember is hitting the ground with a dull thud.


“Jackqulin Francis Battle, wake up! Wake up right now!” My eyes flutter open, blinking in the sunlight. Sunlight? Was I not just in the shade under a tall tree? In a blanket of their deep red leaves? Or was that blood? My blood right? What’s that bright thing in front of me? A shield? I have never been able to summon one before? Why is it here?

“Jack! You’re up! Jack! Stop staring into space! Hack, if you don’t respond to me, I will hit you!” Who is that? How does she know my name? Is Jack even my name? Her fist is flying towards me. It is just right in front of my face. Will it hit me? Will it hurt? I feel the impact of it, than the pain. The pain snaps me out of my daze, helping me remember. I did not cast the shield, my sweator did, maybe my sister. My name is Jack Battle. She, Izzy, is my best friend. I had passed out. Not a good thing for a magical person. It can cause temporary memory loss. On the change of surroundings, she must have dragged me here, a more secure location. I was bleeding, and probably in the Black Forest region, most likely Germany.

“Izzy! Black gloves! You have them? You ok?” I shout, remembering everything.

“Jack, thank goodness! You’re back. I’m fine, but you’re not. Do you have any ideas on how to hide the gloves?” she replies.

“Not right now, what matters is figuring out how to take this shield of my sister’s down. And my burns healed faster. Thanks anyway for fixing me up!”

“No problem, and you mean, you didn’t put this thing up?”

“No, I didn’t. I think my sister put a spell on my sweater to protect me from an immediate death. I just don’t know how to take it down. You have me bag, so can you grab something for me to eat? I’m starving!” Izzy nods, reaching in my bag and tossing me some bread through the shield.

“There’s something we need to do when you finish eating.”
I stuff some bread in my mouth, quickly eating it into nothingness, “What?”

“You need to take your sweater off. It’s what is casting the spell, right? If you take it off and put it back on, it should reset itself!” I take the sweater off, feeling the cool air on my skin. I watch as the shield disappears into billions of tin, sparkling pieces. I wait a second after it all is gone before I put the thing on again. “The shield’s gone! We need to move! We still need to find somewhere to hide the gloves!” Izzy says, pulling me away now.

“Maybe I should wear the gloves for right now! If some magic was about to kill me, the shield should protect me and the gloves,” I say, running after her.

“Sounds like a good idea to me, here, catch!” Izzy throws the gloves at me, still running, “I’m leading us to a big city, with all the people, and we should be able to blend in. The city of Freiburg I believe. Any ideas yet on hiding the gloves?”

“Maybe we should buy some other pairs to act as decoys. A pair for each of our bags, and a pair for each of us to wear. We should have enough money to buy three pairs of gloves, right?”

“It is a good idea. Let’s try it. Plus, together we have what, five hundred euros between us? We most definitely have enough silly. First though, we have to get there. Another ten minutes at this pace should do it.”

“Then forget talking and run Izzy, we’ll solve our problems when we get there!”


“Izzy, is this Freiburg?”

“Our map shows that it is.”

“How come it looks all old time? If it weren’t for the cars, I’d say we were put in the past.”

“This is the city, and I’m guessing they like it like this. All we need to do is find that store!”

“Ok Izzy, where will it be?”

A hand touches my shoulder, making me cringe in pain while a new voice call out, “Not anywhere that means anything to you anymore.” I recognize the voice, Imogen!

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