Magic Test

Jackqulin Battle is drafted into a magic test to earn stronger powers or to lose it all, (Blurb in progress)


5. Chapter Five

“Imogen, what do you mean?” Izzy asks him, preparing to fight again.

Imogen’s partner, Clara, responds, “You two will be coming with us, all four of us together will be better, right? We have the red jacket, and you have your black gloves, I’m guessing. If all four of us pair up, there’s a better chance of neither team losing their things. Plus, Jackqulin can’t go shopping with that blade of hers, or all those nasty wounds, in plain sight. People will talk,” she flips her shoulder length blond hair before continuing, “We wouldn’t want that, now would we?”

I turn away from them, asking for a moment with my partner before our decision being told. “Izzy, should we trust them? What do we know about them?”

“Imogen controls the element of wind while Clara can make something look like something completely different; I think she calls it camouflage magic.”

“I think that it is better to have them with us instead of with others. We should agree correct?”

“Right. We should still continue with the glove idea though. If others learned that we teamed up with them, they would most likely think that we would get Clara to hide the gloves as something different.”

I turn to Imogen and Clara, saying, “We will team up with you, but we will be continuing with our plan that you must have heard.”

Clara nods, agreeing with me, “Let me go with Isabella and you go with Imogen to our hideout. Splitting up will confuse anyone watching the map. There will be two of each team, and they won’t know who’s who and who has what. Jackqulin, you will also take the black gloves. Imogen, as soon as you get to our base, use some of your healing magic on her. It may cause some of her cuts to heal.”

I nod, moving next to Imogen, “Let’s go.”


I had been sitting in a simple hostel room for a while, healed except for a few now minor cuts and the scars from the burns, waiting for Izzy. Around thirty minutes have passed until she walked in with Clara. “Took a bit for the shopkeeper to understand exactly what I wanted, they didn’t understand my English, and I can’t speak German. I eventually got some though, each only twelve euros. Me and you got four hundred and sixty-two left (462). Clara and Imogen spent one hundred sixty-four point seventy-one (164.71) on this room for seven days though, so all of us together have seven hundred ninety-nine point twenty-nine (799.29) left. Here Jack, take these!” She hands me a pair of gloves; I put them in my bag, keeping on the ones that should leave us to our victory. “Jack, will you have to stay in the room all the time? Kindness can be a big problem if we going out, it being a sword and all.”

“I can always disguise it to everyone else’s sight but ours. It can be an ordinary pen to non-magical people, but a sword to everyone else; however, it is a smart idea for someone to always stay here,” Clara states.

Imogen continues, “Also, we should all tell out type of magic and our power enhancing item. For example, I use wind magic, an elemental type, and my item is a glass vial. Anything I put in it also has the ability to help my magic. I could put nail polish in it that on my fingers, and it would conduct my magic just as well.” An item holder, if the magic user has the item anywhere on the person, in conducts magic, unlike me, an item welder. I have to use my item to enhance my magic.

Clara speaks, “As you all probably already know, I have the rare magic of camouflage, while my item is a notebook, paper taken from it works just as well.”

Izzy speaks, “I also control an element, water. My item is this pendent,” Izzy holds up a little blue jewel on a silver chain, “Also, everyone please call me Izzy, Isabella is too formal.”

“I guess everyone needs to call me Jack now, although I hate my name and would have asked even if Izzy didn’t. I can do base magic. Anything to do with offensive or defensive magic I can do. Kindness is my item.” Now, if only I could actually do magic on a regular basis, and not just weak spells.

Aren’t you like really weak? Everyone says you can’t do magic worth a darn, even if you have that oh-so-special white hair. Isn’t your younger sister supposed to be stronger than you? You can’t do squat! Like you and your puny friends could do anything against us!

“Who’s talking about that?” I scream at the three people neat me, “Who’s going to talk about that?” I pull Kindness out, pointing it at them.

Poor little Jackqulin Battle, the witch. Jackqulin Battle, the failure of a witch. You. That’s how it went wasn’t it? Isn’t that what everyone calls you?

“Stop! How do you know that? Stop talking about that!” I wave Kindness around, my eyes not tightly closed, trying to block out their words.

But your mind is so fun, full of insecurities to pull at and manipulate, why would I ever want to stop?

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