Me and You{Harry Styles Fanfic}

I looked at the mirror that saw an ugly, fat girl. I felt my stomach. “why me?” I looked at all of my black and blue bruises. I started crying. I heard a door slam. Shit! He is home. I slowly walked back to my closet. I turned the knob and got in and quietly shut the door.


2. Chapter 2

I walked across the empty road to a run down gas station. I walked in the door and heard a bell. I looked up and saw the rusted bell shaking. "well that scared the shit out of me" i laughed and walked over to the dirty counter. "Hello..?" god my feet hurt. I slipped my flats off my feet and sat on the cold floor. 

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Zayn nobody is here." Irish accent spoke. My whole body shook. I grabbed my flats and quietly hid behind the counter. "It is still freaky in here, check if there is a coke." some other guy said. I peeked my head over the counter. I saw 2 guys shuffling through bags of chips. I rolled my eyes and looked back down at my dirty flats. i sighed and looked above the counter and saw they were by the drinks. I grabbed my flats and ran out the door. Before i got out the door i bumped into someone. I am screwed. 

"Hello love" I looked up to a curly haired british boy. I stood up and looked into his eyes. My god. "Harry i found som-" i looked behind me and saw a blonde. I waved and grabbed my duffle bag. "well bye." i waved "wait, do you have a place to stay?" the curly haired boy said. uhhhh...."Yes! i actually do.." i lied. i actually don't.well good luck Kaycey. "Are you sure?" he asked. i nodded and walked out of the runned down gas station. I ran out to the empty road and started walking. 


Harry's POV


"Niall she was beautiful" he nodded and walked back to the snack rack.i rolled my eyes. She was perfect. I walked outside and saw her walking to the road. I ran out to see her. I tapped her shoulder. "do you really have a place to stay?" she shook her head and grabbed her for a hug but she backed away. "come on.." i led her to the car and seeing that niall basically just robbed the store for taking all their food. i laughed and fell asleep.

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