Magcon 2016

Magcon 2016: Hayes spots you in the crowd of fan girls and it's love at first site.


3. The Beach

You and Rachel set up your towels when you see someone walking towards you it was Hayes. "Hey" he says "Hayes uhm hey" "why didn't you answer my texts last night?" He says checking you out "Oh sorry I fell asleep.." "Haha don't worry babe well I got to go but I'll text you later" hey says winking and walking away you and Rachel go into the water for bit until you get out to tan. You can't get your mind off of how Hayes looked his tanned body his abs he was perfect. "Hey Rach of you want I could get Nash's number for you and stuff.." "Really you would do that for me?!" You nod your head and slowly fall asleep in the warm sun " HOLY SHIT!!!!! Ash wake up!!!" Her screaming wakes you up "what!!!" "Look up" you slowly look up when she dumps a cold bucket of water on you and your top slides half way down then you realize Nash and Hayes were standing there too. You stand up and fix your top then tackle Rachel down to the sand. You stand up all pretty then look at Hayes and Nash but mostly Hayes "They were walking by and we started talking and we planned that prank" "I hate you so much" you say turning to Rachel but not losing sight of Hayes.

You guys talk for a bit and swim when you guys have to leave but plan a date with Nash and Hayes for the next day.

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