This is a story I've been planning for a while, with my best friends help the story came to life, I hope you'll enjoy it and find it different than other stories.

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4. Stories.


That evening we are in the lake district, tomorrow we will cross the border, but for tonight we will get over the attack and I need to talk to Yves.

The small pendant shines in the bright light of the fire, the names become even clearer, and hurts my heart even more, who was this dog?

Was it Yves and mine?

Did I have a family with a dog?

My mind doesn’t seem to give out the answer, cause I still don’t know, I just know where to go, and that’s all.

I wish I knew more, but it’s all I know.

Yves walks towards me, his eyes stare at me as my face it lit up by the fire, I signals him to come closer.

He stares at the pendant, he seems to recognize it as well, but from where even he don’t know.

I look at him as the others fall asleep, today Yves and me guard the camp until midnight, where Eric and Fanny take over.

A story sounds in my mind.

“Once upon a time, a princess named Zoe was born…”

I know this voice and I know the story, at the end princess Zoe will bring peace to her country and marry her love, but like that’s ever going to happen to anybody here!

None of us are royals, we’re just normal persons, I think.

The voice keeps telling me stories until Eric and Fanny take over, stories about how wonderful life could be, and how cruel humanity could be, it’s stories I know, but don’t remember….

Somebody told me those stories, but who might that be?

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