This is a story I've been planning for a while, with my best friends help the story came to life, I hope you'll enjoy it and find it different than other stories.

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3. Remembering.

Some of the other girls scream, very loud.

“Stop”! Albert yelled, he is our leader, cause he is the oldest of us.

We pick up our weapons, ready to fight, ready to kill and protect ourselves and the others.

My brother grab my hand, and we look at each other.

“If we survive”, he says ”we will always stay together, right sis?”

“Of course”, I answer.

And then we can’t see anything.

I fight the mutaes in my sudden blindness, my knife kills at least two mutaes, but I don’t if that’s correct.

I grab a hand, not knowing who’s it is, but by grabbing each others hand, we know two of us might still be alive, but we don’t know if the others are still alive.

And then the other person fall.

My blindness disappear, and I know who’s hand I grabbed.

“Okay?”, Eric asks me.

“Yves, is he ok, is anyone dead?” I asked.

“Nobody’s dead, for now”, he tells me.

I am revealed to hear him say that.

“SIS!”, Yves yelled, so loud I almost became deaf.

“I am over here”, I said.

He ran to me.

“Are you ok?”, he asked me.

“I’m fine, thank you”.

The dead mutaes lie around us, I don’t believe they’re all dead, they will find us again, but when we will not know before it’s too late.

I look at the mutaes, it’s like I remember one of them, did I have a dog?

The dead muta lie in the ashes, it’s paws bloody and thorn, but still it looks so cute, but it wasn’t cute when it was alive, I sit besides it, a small metal thing sparkles around it’s neck, I pick up the metal thing, it says:

Caya, maybe the dogs name?

The rest of it’s blury, but two other names figures…

Zoe and Yves.

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