This is a story I've been planning for a while, with my best friends help the story came to life, I hope you'll enjoy it and find it different than other stories.

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1. Prologue - Memory.


I am nobody.

I don’t know who I am, or what I am, I just know I am Zoe.

I am one of twentysix kids, our names goes from A - Z, and as you might have guessed I am last - I am Z.

None of us remember our story from before, but we know that we may be the last hope for the world.

The rest of the human world left us behind, they travelled to the pacific islands.

They thought we were dangerous, why else could we stand the radiation, honestly none of us know.

That is why we travel across what used to be Great Britain, we try to find our origin, and get to know our purpose, who we truly are and what we really are.

I don’t have parents - maybe I had, but I can’t remember - I can’t remember anything from before we met the others.

The other twentyfive names are: Albert, Beatrice, Carl, Diana, Eric, Fanny, Gilbert, Hannah, Ian, Joanna, Kyle, Lucy, Mike, Nadia, Owen, Penny, Quile, Ria, Simon, Tris, Uriah, Victoria, Will, Xandra and Yves my twin brother.

It was by accident all of us met, at the least that’s what we think, but all of us knew where to go at the excact same moment, May the first at what used to be Londons great pride, the London Eye.

At the entrance we all met, and a new image popped up in all of ours head, erasing everything we knew before,  and left us with the memories of our name, our destination and the history of this catastrophical world, to regain our memories we search for our destination - the lab which modified us.


- Zoe

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