The towns new badass american girl

Will it be love at first sight for the towns badass boy niall or his worst nightmare........

When Bailee the towns new badass girl that just moved here meets niall horan the towns badass boy. Will niall fall head over heels for her like all the other guys or will they just make more trouble together. Will bailee fall for niall like all the girls or just fuck him off and go on making trouble.........

Read to find out


2. the night they became badasses


I was home in Pittsburgh with my parents it was a cool night in summer when I was thirteen. When it was 10 I went to bed and so did my parents. I woke up when I heard a door creak open I looked at the time it was 2:38 am. I was confused who it was because everybody was home I got snapped out of my thought when I heard a scream and two shots. Then I heard somebody say go check that bedroom I heard footsteps coming to my door so I hide under the bed but my phone rang in my pocket I tried to turn it off but it was to late a guy pulled me from under the bed and covered my mouth and carried me out to a car some girl was in there getting the car ready to drive. I was so scarred but I thought about what I learned in fighting classes I I got my one hand loose from his grip so I elbowed him he let me go and feel I grabbed a rock and throw it at the girl who was still get the car ready It hit her head really hard and she passes out and so did the guy when he feel because he hit his head off the ground. I ran inside and saw my mom and dad dead on the floor I just ran upstairs as quick as I could and grabbed my softball bag and duffle bag because thats all I could find I threw clothes in my softball bag around my equipment and threw everything else I could in my duffle bag and ran out if the house as fast as I could. I ran and ran till I got to my bestfriends house Leah when I got there I checked my phone and it was 8 in the morning I didn't knock on the door because I was always over here and never knocked so I walked in and went to Leah's room and opened the door to see my bestfriend kissing my boyfriend they turned around and yelled my name and tried to let them explain but I just grabbed my stuff and ran out of the house and yelled to them thank you for doing this to when my parents just got killed and I almost got kidnapped this morning so thank you goodbye FOREVER I yelled and they both came outside with tears on there face and said were so sorry plz forgive us and I'm so sorry about your parents plz come and let us explain but I just kept running till I couldn't anymore. I woke up the next day and I remembered every little thing that happened and I just cried I don't have my family my boyfriend or my bestfriend I don't have anybody anymore then I felt anger rise in me I got up and I broke car windows and then the cops came and I was in jail for the next year. When I got out I got all my stuff and was now the towns new badass it felt good to have a purpose cause I'm done with being nice and I've been making as much trouble since then.


I was home alone in California because my parents died in a car crash last year and my aunt and uncle kicked me out because they were having a baby and didn't have room so I was thirteen and my girlfriend was over she said were breaking up so bye and then let with a smirk I was just sitting there shocked but then I felt angry so I went to her house and broke all the Windows and spray painted on the house have a good life whore~ niall. Then the cops came and got me I was in jail for a year and when I got out I was known as the towns badass everybody was either afraid of me or all the girls wanted to date me I was so broken now I just broke down in tears but got up and said " I'm done with being nice I'm to broken to make others happy when I'm not" and from then on I've been making trouble.

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