The towns new badass american girl

Will it be love at first sight for the towns badass boy niall or his worst nightmare........

When Bailee the towns new badass girl that just moved here meets niall horan the towns badass boy. Will niall fall head over heels for her like all the other guys or will they just make more trouble together. Will bailee fall for niall like all the girls or just fuck him off and go on making trouble.........

Read to find out


9. school drama

Bailee's pov.

When niall left we got ready for school. I went upstairs got a shower and put I ( a superman crop top, black denim jeans, a superman SnapBack and my black boots) then I went downstairs to louis and he stared at me with wide eyes and his jaw hung open. I laughed and said take a picture it will last longer then ate my toast for breakfast and left to school.

Louis pov.

When Bailee came down she looked amazing I'm so lucky to have her. She must of saw me staring because she said take a picture it will last longer I left and got changed cause I already ate. So when I came downstairs we left to school. When we got to school Niall was there he came up to me and fucking punched me I saw Bailee trying to get niall of me but he just kept punching me the last thing I saw was Bailee getting pushed to the ground and punched and not moving then everything went black.

Bailee's pov.

When I saw niall hitting him I just couldn't watch I tried to get him off louis but he was a lot stronger than me so he pushed me and then I fell and hit my head really hard off the ground. And everything went black.........

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