The towns new badass american girl

Will it be love at first sight for the towns badass boy niall or his worst nightmare........

When Bailee the towns new badass girl that just moved here meets niall horan the towns badass boy. Will niall fall head over heels for her like all the other guys or will they just make more trouble together. Will bailee fall for niall like all the girls or just fuck him off and go on making trouble.........

Read to find out


6. my house

Bailee's pov.

When we got to my house he pushed me against the wall and kissed me I didn't kiss back though. I said get off me then i pushed him off me he said y I said no just no he lifted my chin so I could look into his eyes he asked again y I just sighed and began because I'm still broken from my last boyfriend he said he loved me and I said It back then that night we got robbed my mom and dad got killed so I ran to my bestfriends house when I walked into her room I saw my boyfriend well ex kissing they turned around when they heard a cry and said hold on it's not what you think they yelled but I kept running until I turned around and yelled to them thank you for actually loving me and Leah thank you for actually being trust worthy and oh so you know my parents died tonight when we got robbed but you probably don't care goodbye guys I thought I loved you guys but I don't then I ran and ran until anger filled me so I messed the whole town up and that's how I became the towns badass and y I can't date you I'm sorry then I broke down in tears I tried to hold them back but I couldn't I've held them in for 7 years I just can't then I felt two arms around me I looked up into his ocean blue eyes and said I'm sorry it's probably stupid he just shook his head and hugged me and then looked into my eyes and said that happened to me to and I'm still broke but when I meet you I thought I might have another chance with love please just give me a chance and be my girlfriend. I just nodded and hugged him then pulled back and kissed him I rapped my legs around his torso and arms around his neck I said let's take this to the bedroom he just nodded and continued to kiss me we never broke the kiss yet and I think you know what happened after that.

Nialls pov.

I woke up the next morning when I remembered everything that happened yesterday I'm so happy yet angry how could that guy and her bestfriend just do that to her. And I'm happy that I can make sure that never happens again I've never felt this way before and I think it's called love I think I'm in love with her no I am in love with Bailee Elizabeth Baxendell and I'm going to tell her that and hopefully she feels the same. I got knocked out of my thought when I heard a yawn I looked over and kissed her nose and said good miring my princesses she smiled and said morning then kissed me I kissed back then she pulled away I pouted and then she said what I'm hungry I nodded and jumped up and ran to her kitchen we made breakfast are and went to get changed and go to school I wonder what everybody thinks I think were a perfect match but well see.........

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