The towns new badass american girl

Will it be love at first sight for the towns badass boy niall or his worst nightmare........

When Bailee the towns new badass girl that just moved here meets niall horan the towns badass boy. Will niall fall head over heels for her like all the other guys or will they just make more trouble together. Will bailee fall for niall like all the girls or just fuck him off and go on making trouble.........

Read to find out


5. first day of school

Bailee's pov.

I woke up to my alarm blaring here's to never growing up. I got up and got a shower I got out brushed my teeth and went to my closet I picked a belly shirt that said f*uck off with black jean shorts black combat boots and my black sunglasses then I brushed my hair and left it down I grabbed my phone with its case that said AMERICAN BITCH and walked out the door I jumped into my green truck and rode to school I was late as usual I already missed the first two periods. I walked into the office and said can you give me my fucking schedule and the names bailee baxendell hurry up she looked frightened and I smiled at it she quickly got it and I walked to a class that had the number of the classroom I walked in and everybody looked at me I saw all of the bad ass boys they all smirked at me. The teacher said you must be bailee I said ya he said well I'm mr. Hangton you can sit by niall I said I'm not sitting the fuck by him he looked shocked and said what did you say I said I not fucking sitting next to him in a harsh tone he said well I see we have another one of you he rolled his eyes I said shut the fuck up you dickhead and I went and sat by niall everybody was laughing at what I did niall said not to bad but I've seen better I said shut the fuck up horan I'm tired so mabey that's the fucking reason you fucking dickhead he laughed and said I like you and I said well that's nice cause I like me to. He just laughed and said you should hang out with us afterschool I said why the fuck would I do that he said well you could become the towns first badass girl if you can keep up with us u said whatever sure and if anything you will need to keep up with me the bell rang and it was lunch but I didn't feel like staying so I went to my locker and got my stuff I looked to my side and saw niall he said where are you going I said I don't feel like staying at this fucking hell hole he said can I join I said sure horan. I walked out and thought of what I should do to get my reputation here I got an Idea I grabbed my spray paint out of my bag and shook it niall said what are you doing I said are you gonna help he nodded I threw him a can and started to spray guess what you've got a new bitch dickheads with a smiley face at the end I looked at him who was spraying this is for fucking being created you he'll hole. I laughed at it and we just spray painted the rest of the school wall with different things. Then we heard sirens oh how I love that sound I say he just laughed and we ran away we finally lost them and were close to my house. I said my house is close to here wanna come hangout he said sure with a wink I said don't push it horan.

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