The towns new badass american girl

Will it be love at first sight for the towns badass boy niall or his worst nightmare........ When Bailee the towns new badass girl that just moved here meets niall horan the towns badass boy. Will niall fall head over heels for her like all the other guys or will they just make more trouble together. Will bailee fall for niall like all the girls or just fuck him off and go on making trouble......... Read to find out


8. are you with louis or niall?

When I woke up I looked over to see louis and then a furious niall in the doorway. I was scared when he started walking towards us I shook louis but he wouldn't wake up just snored lightly he came closer and closer till he was in front of us. I slapped louis arm and he shot up he looked at niall then me. He said what's wrong and why the fuck are you here. Niall got more mad and said because she's mine not yours am I not right bailee? I shook my head no then said I broke up with you for doing that so just get the fuck out. He got angrier and then said fuck you louis and fine be with him just ps watch your back and with that he left..........

Sorry for short chapter it will be longer next time because I have the week of for Easter break starting this Thursday~ Bailee😜💙

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