Give Me Love || H.S

The moment Annabeth walked into Harry's life, things changed. No matter his greatest desire, he found himself wanting to give her everything she deserved. Which wasn't him. He hides form reality and distracts himself to distract him from the real problem. Nobody has ever loved him and he's never loved nobody. Can Annabeth change how he feels, and bring him out of dark life? It's time to stop hiding, after all, what's the point in hiding if you're always found?


1. Prologue | Characters | Copyright



  If I would have known, I wouldn't have moved but going back wasn't an option. The danger this town held within it's small area drove my wobbling legs closer to my car and further from the doors. I inhaled deeply, mustering any courage I could. With a rush of determination, I pushed the doors open and the smell of perspiration immediately filled my senses. Not pleasantly, may I add. Several people were scattered across the gym, boxing in many different ways and I prayed that I wouldn't run into Jeremy. He was the reason I left and to run into him here would, absolutely, endanger me. Everybody could be sweet, and welcome me but once, if I ever, see him I'll be running. Again. He's the underlying danger but nobody knows what he's capable of. What he has tried to do.

   A few eyes turned to look at me, but most stayed focus on punching bags. Before I could walk towards the receptionist desk, one certain person caught my eye. His tall height obviously dominated the other boxers. His toned muscles strained beneath his skin with each forceful punch. Tattoos cascaded down his torso, some spiraling onto his arms. I wondered if it hurting, having so many tattoos and all. A head of brunette waves adorned his head. That was all that I could see. His face was a blur as he moved quickly, sweat gleaming on his upper body. I tore my eyes from his appearance, quickly finding my destination.

   "How may I help you?" A larger guy asked, stuffing a donut in his mouth as he watched the television screen intently. Great service.

   "I came here to get my schedule. I got accepted for the job?" I informed as he look up at me, arching on over grown eyebrow. I couldn't blame him. I didn't look like I belonged in an odored, dirty gym but it was the only job that accepted me and I needed the money more then a job I liked.

   He nodded hesitantly, typing a couple things into his computer before the printer behind him began running. I watched as the piece of paper began pushing out, black ink printed across it. He stood up, pulling his shirt down as he took it from the tray, handing it to me. It was still warm. He began explaining what I had to do, but was soon interrupted. The guy I had been focusing on walked up beside me, leaning against the counter. He looked even more beautiful up close. Jade green eyes, rosy lips and a defined jawline. A couple freckles spotted across his jaw, only adding to his beauty. What shocked me most was his voice. Deep, raspy. Not to mention the strong English accent he seemed to hold.

   "Can I have my log in table?" He asked, tapping his foot as the guy behind the desk nodded. He slid a piece of paper towards him, handing him a pen.

   "How'd you do today, Harry?" He asked. Even his name was perfect.

   "Alright." He mumbled, sounding annoyed as he slid the pen and paper back, turning to head out the door. Before he could he stopped, looking down at me. I was so small compared to him.

   "Who are you?" He asked rudely as I perched a single eyebrow. Perfect but rude.

   "I'm Annabeth." I spoke. He gave a swift nodded, winking as a smirk turned on his lips. Before I could respond, he strolled out the door and towards his door before driving off.

   Fear panged within me.

   Already I knew, he would be far more dangerous then Jeremy could have ever been.








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