Give Me Love || H.S

The moment Annabeth walked into Harry's life, things changed. No matter his greatest desire, he found himself wanting to give her everything she deserved. Which wasn't him. He hides form reality and distracts himself to distract him from the real problem. Nobody has ever loved him and he's never loved nobody. Can Annabeth change how he feels, and bring him out of dark life? It's time to stop hiding, after all, what's the point in hiding if you're always found?


3. Chapter 2

Chapter Two


   There's a difference between having a boyfriend and having no experience with guys. I had met Cameron at my fathers funeral but soon after I ignored him and we never talked. Every once in a while, we would message each other but it's been several years since I've actually seen him. I knew it was time to end things but I didn't have the heart to.

   The working day soon came to an end. For myself at least. Many guys still stood, sending punches as I observed. I looked down at my wrist, looking back up as one guy slammed his fist against the bag. It was a wonder to me how they could do something of such great power and walk away harmless. Realizing it was time to go, I gathered my belongings, standing up and heading towards the receptionist desk. Today, it was another girl named Annie. I was thankful it wasn't the same guy as yesterday whose name I had come to learn was Bill. Somehow it matched him perfectly.

   "Do me a favor, can you log me out?" I asked as she looked up, nodding with a smile. I smiled back, thanking her before rushing towards the exit. I pushed the door open, a layer of warmth covering me like a blanket. I turned, only to find Harry leaning against a wall, a cigarette placed carelessly between his lips. I hated smoking, especially the smell it radiated but I couldn't help but notice how beautiful he made it look. I looked awkwardly away. He still hadn't noticed me.

   Stop caring, he's some jack ass, get over yourself!

  I took in a deep breath, walking towards my car as Harry turned to look at me. No words were exchanged and I continued walking down the sidewalk. Even getting here to early, there were little to no parking spots left. Maybe I should go to the doctors. I couldn't remember the last time I had went, but considering my wrist only continued hurting worse, I knew I had too.

   "How's your wrist?" I heard him finally ask as I froze in my steps, rolling my eyes.

   "Because you care so much?" I spoke with a lethal tone, anger building in me. He irritated me to no extent.

   "You're right, I don't." He answered as I nodded in agreement. I know he didn't.

   I continued towards my car, struggling to get my door open without straining any damage. I guess I never thought of using my other hand. I was gently pushed out of the way, Harry pulling the door open. I went to thank him but I didn't. Why should I when this is the only good thing he's done since I've met him?

   I watched as he climbed into the drivers seat and I scrunched my forehead in confusion.

   "Sorry to break it to you, this isn't your car."

   "Shut up and get in the passengers seat."

   "How do I know I can go anywhere with you?" I asked rudely.

   "Because I said I'm not going to murder you." He replied annoyed as I scoffed.

   "No you didn't."

   "I'm not going to murder you, now get in the fucking car." He snapped as I sighed, circling over and climbing in. He pulled the keys from my hand, starting the ignition and pulling out from between the two cars. He drove quickly, yet managed to keep the ride smooth. Most of the time. I gently propped my arm against the door, keeping it steady so I wouldn't pressure it. Of course, being an ass, Harry saw and decided to speed over a bump in the road. My wrist went flying up, slamming back down onto the surface as I gasped in pain.

   All I earned was a smirk from Harry, and a throbbing wrist that fell almost as if it were ready to fall off. To my appreciation, we soon arrived at the doctors. Very few patients waited, in fact the room was empty. Therefore, as soon as I signed in, I was taken back.

   "Would you like to come sir?" The nurse asked Harry, turning back to look at him.

   "No, he can wait here." I hurried but of course, Harry had his own answer.

   "I'd love to." He grinned slyly, standing up and following behind us. She led me to all the mandatory equipment, measuring and weighing me. Harry stood, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed smugly over his broad chest.

   Before I knew it, we were both waiting in the small room. I sat lazily on the bed, holding my wrist cautiously. Harry tapped his foot impatiently, and the sound echoed through the space.

   "How long is this fucking doctor going to take?" Harry complained as I rolled my eyes. He's the one who volunteered, without my consent, to drive me here and all he does is sit and complain. If all guys were like this, I'm eternally grateful I didn't meet lots of them. I'd snap and they'd be running anyways. Still, I flinched at his use of words. Sure, everybody had small profanities mumbled but use of words like that always made me cringe. The way he used it so freely was a shock to me.

   "You know what? I'll take you back to my place, surely this shit can't be hard to do." He stood, grasping my arm and pulling me out of the room.

   "What are you doing?" I exclaimed, trying to plant my feet to the floor but his strength obviously smashed the very little I had. Still, it was a small struggle for him due to my resistance. Instead of giving up, he groaned, walked beside me and scooped me up. I squirmed in his hold, trying to jump down but his arms were wrapped to tightly around me.

   "Harry. Set me down, now!" I spoke, my voice raising in anger. Nurses looked at us awkwardly, trying to focus on whatever they had before.

   "No." He replied shortly, finally walking out and setting me back in the car.

   "What about my wrist?" I snapped, my cheeks turning red in anger.

   "This shit can't be hard, I'll do it!" 

   Him? Fixing an injury? Somehow the two didn't match up very well. In my eyes, he doesn't help fix injuries. He causes them.

   We soon arrived at his house and I dreaded the upcoming minutes. He'd either fix it, highly unlikely, or cause my hand to fall off. Yet either way I'd yell at him. Maybe it was because I truly didn't like him, but who cares? Any chance I have to get angry at him, you best believe I'll take.

   He picked me up out of the car, closed the door and began walking towards the porch as I looked at him funny.

   "It's my wrist Harry....not my ankles." I spoke in a manner almost to make it seem I were talking to a little kid.

   "Shut up and I know, dumb ass. If you were to walk you'd have the option of running away and that's not happening." He informed as I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

   "I wasn't thinking of it but thanks for the idea." I smirked as he took his turn to roll his eyes. We eventually got inside and he carried me upstairs into his bedroom. Well, this is awkward. He moved across the room to his bathroom, setting me on the counter as he found a first aid kit.

   He opened in, searching for something but soon gave up, throwing the kit to the floor.

   "This can't be wrong." He muttered, taking some toilet paper, wetting it and wrapping it around my wrist. I hissed in pain, slapping his hand but he only continued. I soon had an extremely heavy mound of sopping wet toilet paper wrapped and plastered to my sore wrist.

   "And to cast it..." He spoke, hurrying into his bedroom and back with a big tub of glue. I looked at him alarmed but before I knew it, he was spreading glue all over the toilet paper.

   "You should never become a doctor..." I mumbled quietly, rolling my eyes.

   "Wasn't planning on it sweet cheeks.." He replied with a prideful smirk as I rolled my eyes once again.

   "Don't call me that."

   "Okay sweet cheeks."

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