Give Me Love || H.S

The moment Annabeth walked into Harry's life, things changed. No matter his greatest desire, he found himself wanting to give her everything she deserved. Which wasn't him. He hides form reality and distracts himself to distract him from the real problem. Nobody has ever loved him and he's never loved nobody. Can Annabeth change how he feels, and bring him out of dark life? It's time to stop hiding, after all, what's the point in hiding if you're always found?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter One




   I pushed the glass door open, a breeze of cool air sweeping over me as I walked further in. I shrugged my bag down my shoulder, taking out my phone and checking the time. I was early. I didn't want to be late but I could've waited another half an hour to leave the house. In fact, I'd be waiting for almost an hour until everybody else got here. I heaved a sigh, setting my belongings on an empty table and looking around. A tattered punching bag hung from the corner, in fact there was a whole row. I looked over at the locker rooms and only then did I notice the light switching on. I perched an eyebrow, a nervousness gathering inside of me as I stood up, never taking my eyes away from the door. I cautiously walked closer, crossing the gym until I stood in front of the entrance.

   With a sliver of fear pulsing through me, I pushed the door open, screaming and jumping back when I saw Harry standing, in only his boxers. He was in the process of changing into boxing shorts and he made no effort to hide his...nearly bare state. I hid behind the door, quickly catching my breath as a deep, menacing chuckle vibrated through the air.

   "Act like you've never seen a guy before." He snapped as I rolled my eyes. Of course I have. For a good six years of my life anyways. That's when my dad died. I went to an all girls school so I never really had experience with guys. In fact, now that I think of it, I really had no experience with guys. I was always an introvert, keeping to myself. I much more preferred reading and doing things by myself as opposed to going out. The last time I left the house for a time different from school was my dad's funeral.

   "Are you going to hide behind the door forever?" He asked annoyed as I huffed, awkwardly moving into view. His eyes scanned my body before meeting my eyes. No words were exchanged but he simply pulled his boxing gloves on, securing them so they wouldn't fly off, "Have you ever boxed?" He asked as I shook my head.

   "You should try!" He smirked as my eyes widened, my head shaking side to side. Definitely not. I'd punch the bag and it'd swing back to me in the gut. No thank you.

   "Oh come on. I'll give you a little lesson!" He spoke, throwing me a pair of boxing gloves. I was about to protest but his voice interrupted my thoughts, "It can come in handy you know! A girl like you, surely guys are trying to get with you!" He spoke as I cocked my head to the side. His eyes grew wide.

   "You can't tell me not a single guy isn't hitting on you! You're sexy as hell!" He exclaimed as my cheeks heated at the somewhat compliment. I don't know whether they would or not, which led back to me being all introverted and all. I shook my head once more as a laugh of unbelief left his lips.

   "Well, then they're blind."

   "I've never really talked to any guys!" I admitted sheepishly as he looked at me with shock written across his face.

   "How? Don't you go to school? How about your dad?"

   "Yes, I do go to school but I go to an all girl school. As for my father, he died when I was young!" I answered as he nodded. He was obviously in shock.

   "Well, suit up!" He spoke, pushing past me and heading to the boxing ring. He better be very happy, I happened to have work out clothes with me. I let the door slowly shut, running across the gym and to the table, sliding my bag onto my arm and running back to the girl's locker room. I don't understand why they have it. I read through a list of anybody that was ever been here and not a single one of them was a girl. I quickly changed into a pair of shorts and a sports bra, pulling my shoes and boxing gloves on. They felt so heavy and I found myself struggling to secure them. I sighed in frustration, walking out, over to Harry.

   "You" He mentioned as I felt my cheeks heating once more. Why was I getting so flustered over what he said? It was obvious he was a bang and move on type of guy. I finally found a way to secure them to my wrists, taking a deep breath. Besides I have a boyfriend.

   "What do I do?"

   "Show me what you know." He stated as I hesitated. If that was the case, I should keep on leaning against the rim because I knew absolutely nothing. Maybe I could punch the bag? It surely couldn't be hard. With a swift movement, I was in front of the bag. I awkwardly positioned my arms, sending a punch flying towards the bag. I yelped in pain, a stinging spreading through my wrist.

   "You know you could have just said you don't know jack shit." He muttered as I gave him a cold glare. Not that there was a warm glare...was there? I wanted to reply back but I knew he was right and I was completely wrong. Punching is much harder then it looks. I held my throbbing wrist with my hand, hissing in pain as I accidentally squeezed the swelling skin. Harry simply ignored me and my obviously, somewhat fractured wrist, sending a hard punch to the bag. The sound echoed through the room and I flinched due to the volume.

   Without any warning, I jumped down from the ring, hurrying to the staff room where the small fridge was. I quickly took an ice pack, pressing it up against the red skin. Great way to start of my job, hurting myself. Not that it was new, I was clumsy and this sort of thing happened regularly.

   With a deep breath, I slumped down into a chair, closing my eyes. The staff room was so small and stuffy but the window was to high for me to reach. I pouted, uncomfortable due to my bare state. I hurried out to the locker room, finding a shirt in my bag and pulling it over my head with difficulty. I couldn't do it with my injury and doing it with one hand was hard as anything.

   "My wrist hurts..." I mumbled to myself, rolling my eyes at Harry's uncaring nature towards anything.

   "Stop whining!" I heard a deep voice complain. I turned around, facing Harry who stood behind me.

   "Why are you in the girls locker room?"

   "Why were you in the guys?" 

   I groaned in anger, not answering his question and I stuffed things into my bag. No job was worth the hassle. I was about to stand up from the bench but common sense knocked at my door.

   You need to money, stupid!

  With a strangled mix between a sigh and a groan, I slammed my bag back down onto the bench.

   "I don't like you. At all." I stated, crossing my arms in an awkward position to keep myself from hurting myself further.

   "Good, the feelings mutual."

   "Says the guy who just said I was hot." I muttered beneath my breath.

   "Yeah well your personality kind of destroys that." He spoke with a annoying sly smile.

   "Jack ass..." I mumbled quietly.

   "Bitch." He mumbled in reply.

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