The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


10. Chapter 9: London (2)

Harry woke me up as I expected and we were brought to a car and we drove to this big black building but when I saw big I mean huge with not that many windows to my surprise well I guess this is the place where all the gang members meet and I guess the cops can't see what's going on inside. I don't even wanna know what is going on inside, murders? tortures? people who are selling weapons? I can't believe I am actually going here...


''Don't worry they won't touch you'' Harry said I guess he saw my face well I was scared as fuck!

''Come on inside we will meet Louis and Eleanour'' Harry said


''Hazza!'' A guy with brown hair and blue eyes said as he was walking to us and he gave Harry a man hug

''Hey Louis how you doing?'' Harry asked him

''Good good well still hiding but you know the deal'' Louis said ''Now who is still?'' Louis asked pointing torwards me

''I'm Tracey'' I said ''Well nice to meet you Tracey'' Louis said

''Louis watch out beside's you have Eleanor'' Harry said giving Louis a glare

''Wow wow wow I wasn't trying to do anything'' Louis said

''Where is Eleanor?'' Harry asked

''She's in the shooting area'' Louis said my whole face went white and I guess Louis saw that

''Don't worry don't worry she's shooting at a target we don't kill people... here...'' Louis said

''Ahm oke....'' I said

''So ahm let's get to our room shall we'' Harry said

''Yeah ofcourse follow me'' Louis said

We walked past some doors until we came to one that was white all the other doors were black why was this one white?

''Well Harry i'm going to pick up Eleanor and then I will be back see you in a little bit'' Louis said and he walked away

''Let's get inside shall we'' Harry said

It was masive! I guess that's why the door was white It had a big king bed it was a dream come true

''You like it?'' Harry said

''Yes! omg I wish I would have a room like this'' I said 

''Come here'' Harry said as he was sitting on the bed

''Oke...'' I said

Harry grabbed my arm and pushed me torwards him and we layed down next to each other on the bed

''Wauw...'' I said the bed was so comfortable it was like heaven...

''I know but you know what is also wauw'' Harry said

''What?'' I asked

''You you are also wauw'' Harry said as he turned his body torwards me I did the same we stared into each others eyes and our heads were coming closer and closer and closer until

''I'm back Tracey meet Eleanor...'' Louis said

''Sorry were we interupting something?'' Louis asked

''No no it's oke ahm...'' I said as we both were standing up from the bed

''Well oke i'm Eleanor you must be Tracey'' Eleanor said she was truly beautiful she had long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes

''Nice to meet you'' I said and Eleanor gave me a hug and I hugged back

''Well Harry we are gonna be downstairs if you want anything to eat just come to us you know the way around'' Louis said

''Yeah sure we will see you later'' Harry said and Louis and Eleanor wondered off

''So where were we'' Harry said pushing my body against his and we started to make out nothing serious just kissing and I don't know how long we were kissing but it was just like the whole world stopped when Harry touched me or even kissed me everytime I felt fireworks go off and I think he felt the same way

''Tracey'' Harry said after we both seperated

''Yes?'' I said

''Will you be my girlfriend?'' Harry asked me... the whole world stopped.... I have just known him for like 1 week but I already felt like we had a connection something special

''Ofcourse Harry I will be your girlfriend'' I said and we both kissed again


Omg jeey! it's official they are bf and gf who else is happy?


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