The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


9. Chapter 8: London

It felt amazing having his lips against mine we went on for I don't know how long but until our lips were swollen.


''That was amazing'' I said while our forheads touched

''I know'' Harry said

''Still wanna go to the gym?'' I asked

''Let's go'' Harry said as he grabbed my arm and we ran to the basement

''Wait I still need to change'' I said

''Oh yeah well I will see you there then'' Harry said and walked off to the room next to me, I guess that that his room was

I changed into some gym shorts and a tanktop and after that I putted my running shoes on.

Basicly all I packed was 3 jeans 1 short 1 bottle of shampoo some underwear 2 tops some make-up and this outfit i'm wearing now (the sport outfit)

''Harry!'' I jelled for Harry hopefully he would still be in his room because this house is so big I don't know where anything is

''Can I help you?'' This woman voice said I turned around and saw a girl with long straight brown hair she was wearing skinny jeans and this white crop top

''I'm here with Harry can you help me find the basement?'' I asked her

''Sure and by the way my name is Sophia'' Sophie said and we exchanged smiles ''I'm Tracey'' I said

As we walked to the gym Sophia had to stop at her room she was going outside and said that she would put her shoes on real quik. As I entered her room I saw a picture of a man on her bureau, as I came closer to the picture I think I have seen that man before... wait OMG that is Peter!

''Sophia who is this man?'' I asked as calm as I could thank you Dad for also sining me up for drama class for 3 years

''Oh that is my dad, Peter is his name'' Sophia asked, so that was Peter! Does Liam know this!?

''Do you still talk to him?'' I asked

''Yeah he is actually coming over today in the evening to have diner with all of us he was really excited to meet you and Harry

''So he knows were here?'' I asked, if he knows were here we could be dead does Sophia even know what he does for living

''What does your dad do for living he seems well'' I said with a fake smile well ofcourse we already all knew what he did... Well I sort of did but ok.

''I rather not talk about that'' Sophia said looking down

''Oh i'm sorry for asking but can I go to Harry now we would still train and I still need to shower and get ready you know'' I said with a little laugh at the end, she didn't have a clue that I was acting

''Sure follow me'' Yes she fell for it!


''Well just walk down here and there is the gym I will see you tonight i'm gonna pick up my dad see you then'' Sophia said

''What time will you guys be here?'' I asked so we could be out of here by the time he is here

''right now it's 2 o'clock I think around 6 I will see you then bye'' Sophia said and walked away


''Harry Listen!'' I said running to Harry who was punching the punching bag he was kind of hot when he was doing that....

''What is it?'' He asked worried

''Sophia I think Liam's girlfriend'' I said

''What's wrong?'' Harry asked

''Let me talk! Listen I was in her room I saw a picture of someon and that someon was Peter! I asked who that man in the picture was and she said her dad Peter! And he's coming her for diner she left to go and get him she will be back around 6 we need to leave'' I said out of breath

''Oke oke calm down'' Harry said and then he was quite he looked like he was thinking

''Harry?'' I asked  ''That mother fucker!'' Harry screamed

''What is it?'' I asked

''Liam knew one time when I was with him and Zayn we saw Peter and he chased us down the street he got Liam but later that night Liam came back home but he didn't have blood on his face a scarr or anything he dosn't even have problems with Peter he is best friends with him, oke listen i'm gonna shower realy quik you have 30 minutes to get dressed and then come to my room I don't want anything to happen to you'' Harry said while he hugged me

''Thanks Harry now go go go!'' I said

I went to my room and I putted my shorts on and one of my top and pulled my long hair in a high ponytail when I was ready I still had 10 minuted and putted some mascara on after that I went inside of Harry's room

As I was looking through the window I saw Liam outside talking to someon? wait that was my dad what the hell is my dad doing here!?

''Hey your ready'' Harry asked

''Harry why is my dad outside talking to Liam?'' I asked ''What?'' Harry asked as he was standing next to me

''But... What... How..?'' I asked looking at Harry

''We need to leave now listen when they are going inside they are gonna head up here so what were gonna do is hide in my bathroom and when they're going inside we will sneak out of the window of my bathroom and we will run to the car get in and go to the airport we can't go to LA Liam knows were going there so were gonna go to London to meet 2 other friends and after that we will head to LA and when were in LA we will make up some plan to destroy Peter forever and always'' Harry said

''Oke let's go now they are heading inside'' I said and we went into the bathroom we went down through a ladder on the side of the house

''Why is there a ladder here?'' I asked

''After you said that I went to grab one so we could sneak out'' Harry said and winked

We went down and we ran to the car and Harry sped off, was my dad also in this plan was that why he sort of forced me to box? Was that why mom died? Everything makes sense now everyone I ever loved had lie to me except for JESSICA! Omg I miss her what happend to her?

''Harry, who are we gonna visit when were in London?'' I asked

''A boy and a girl names Louis and Eleanour they're a couple Louis had his own little gang and Eleanour is also in there so we will have even more protection we will stay in there house where the gang always meet'' Harry said he saw my eyes grew wide well I mean a gang!?

''No worry we will have our own room you won't probably even see the gang members'' Harry said

Well now I feel a little bit better but I mean a little!


''Hi welcome to Seattle international airport can I help you?'' This women with blonde hair but it was pulled into a neat bun

''Yes me and my wife would love to get to our yet to London'' Harry said, wait wife!?

I felt Harry tense a little and he looked at me and mouthed play along, and wait a yet!? Wow we would fly there with a yet

''Ofcourse why didn't you call before do you have a pilot?'' She asked

''No were really sorry but were kind of in a hurry'' Harry said

''I see can I have your name?'' She asked ''Harry Styles'' Harry said to the women

''Oke mister and misses Styles if you can just wait over there someon will be picking you up and then you can head to your yet have a nice day'' She said


''Wife?'' I asked kind of laughing

''Just play along if I said friend or anything like that she would want to see your passport and now she didn't'' Harry said

''Ok ok'' I said

''Hello misses and mister Styles follow me to your plane'' A tall man said

''Nice to see you again Geoge'' Harry said ''He is my personal pilot'' Harry said in my ear and I nodded


''London here we come'' I said as we were in the plane''

I fell asleep and I guess Harry will wake me up when we are there


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