The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


8. Chapter 7: Buddie's

''Tracey wake up, Tracey'' I felt someon shake my shoulder and when I opened my eyes Harry was trying to wake me up

''I'm up i'm up'' I said twice

''Oke good it's still about 30 minutes but I need to stop at the gast station here you have $5 go buy something to drink while I go tank oke?'' Harry said

''Sure be right back'' I said and I walked into the little shop where you could buy candy, ice cream, sandwiches and what not.

''Hello have you found everything?'' A man with short blonde hair asked me as I was paying for drinks and food I bought

''Yeah how much is it?'' I asked

''You don't have to pay anything if you give me your number'' He said and winked he was handsome but I don't know I didn't have a good feeling I need Harry where is he?

''Ahm no thank you can I just pay i'm in a hurry'' I said we really needed to leave before I don't know Harry seems to be really stressed and believe me i'm too so we need to get to Seattle and then well I don't know

''Oh oke sorry do you have a boyfriend?'' He asked now he was making me nervous

''Sort of but that is my private life so could I just pay'' I said why coudn't I just go!?

''Yeah sorry it's just that your really pretty'' He said oke that was sweet but I had to go!

''Sorry she's with me now how much is this gonna cost?'' Harry said from behind as he putted his arm around me and kissed the top of my head

''Oh ahm... well... just take it you don't have to pay'' The boy said he seemed almost scared? When Harry was here

''That's really...'' I said but Harry interrupted

''That's nice thank you'' Harry said and I grabbed the food and we walked back to the car

''We need to go now!'' Harry said

''Why?'' I asked

''He is Peter's son and he knows me and one time I beated the crap out of him so he is scared of me as you noticed but now he's gonna call Peter and tell us were in this area'' Harry said and sped off

''Well we need to go to seattle and quik!'' I said

''You didn't tell him we were heading there did you?'' Harry asked

''No no I didn't'' I said

''Oke good, were gonna meet up with a buddy of mine when were in Seattle'' Harry said I was curious if this buddy of him was also in this drama

''I'm just gonna call him'' Harry said and grabbed a little nokia out off his pocket

''Wait coudn't you use your phone's?'' I asked

''Do you think my phone is a Nokia?'' He said ''This is just a phone I only call them with they have both my numbers but we call each other with diffrent phone's it's too risky'' He said

''How many buddy's are there?'' I asked

''Well in Seattle I have 2 buddy's in London 4 and in Los Angeles 2 and my sister live's in Amsterdam for now about 2 months so we have enough hiding place's'' Harry said

''Are all of them in this problem?'' I asked

''Yes we all are that's kind of how me met when we were still in the bussness'' Harry said again

He then called one of his buddies who I still don't know the name of well I guess I will find out soon.

''Hey it's me Harry... Yeah sorry but I still need about 10 minutes and i'm in Seattle can me and someon visit... Oke I see... Yes it's Peter again... You have to be kidding me... Oke then I will go to Liam... Yeah yeah tomorrow we will... Ok see you then bye'' Harry said and hung up

''So were going to this Liam guy?'' I asked

''Yes I was talking to Zayn he live's in Seattle to but right now he is moving to Los Angelas so now only Liam is in Seattle but he is moving back to London in a few months'' Harry said


''Are we here?'' I asked Harry who nodded

We were infront of a big house well you can call it a freaking mansion for sure! As we walked to the door I could hear some screaming from inside Harry had to laugh and called Liam again. What the fudge is going on is side!?

''Hey Liam were downstairs so get you naked but downstairs and open oh and next time be a little softer your scaring people'' Harry said while he looked at me

And then it hit me... Omg people are having sex inside of there.... Well toke long enough for me to realize that

''Hey Harry!'' Liam said and gave Harry a men hug

''Hey Liam this is Tracey, Tracey this is Liam'' Harry said and we exchanged hi's and smiled at each other

''So Harry now I understand why Peter is behind you...'' Liam said

''Zayn called you that I was coming right?'' Harry asked

''Yeah yeah he did right now his white ass is getting a tan in Los Angelas with Perrie and the boys'' Liam said and they both laughed, ok this was kind of awkard

''Ok get inside'' Liam said and harry took me arm and we went inside.

''Harry what is going to happen now?'' I asked

''Well tonight were gonna stay here and then tomorrow were gonna head to LA to meet up with Zayn and the others'' Harry said

''Oh oke where can I sleep tonight?'' I asked Harry and Liam

''Well since you and Harry are together I guess you wanna share a room'' Liam said and winked at Harry. My eyes grew wide, this Liam was messed up!

''Were not together'' I said Liam then looked at Harry and Harry also shook his head

''Oh well oke then Harry you know where your room is Tracey follow me'' Liam said and Harry was close behind me

''Thanks'' I said to Liam and he walked away

''Harry could you come in?'' I asked Harry

''Yeah sure what is it?'' Harry asked

''Well what's gonna happen I mean for today are we gonna stay here?'' I asked him

''Well there is a tv but there is also a gym in the basement so i'm gonna be in there and if you want there is a tv in here or you could come train'' Harry said

''I think i'm gonna come train it has been 3 days I hate it when I can't train'' I said

''I know the feeling...'' Harry said

''Harry'' I said

''Yes?'' He said and looked me straight in the eyes

''Thank you'' I said and we hugged for what seemed like hours we were both comfortable with the feeling of touching each other well I mean in hugs and when he touches me something inside of me goes off like a billion fireworks just go of in my stumik

When we let go of each other we looked at each other again Harry came closer with his head and so did mine it was like I didn't have any control over my body, and then we kissed. 


Hi guys sorry for not updating I was kind of having a writers block don't kill me...

But you guys something happened and that something has to do with One Direction...

WWA TOUR!!!!!! OMFG!!!

I can't wait who is going!? let me know in the comments I will be going to the one in Amsterdam on the 25th of June.

But like/favorite you guys know it love you xxx- Mounia

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