The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


7. Chapter 6: Now what?

I fell asleep after doing some thinking well to be honest the questions just kept going in my head I still want to know what is going on exactly but I think I should ask later Harry still seems pretty angry. When I woke up it was already day light. But nit probably wasn't like pass 8 am. Harry looked really tired, and he looked like he was about to pass out.


''Hey goodmorning'' I said he looked at me and yawned

''Goodmorning'' He said and focused on the road again

''Harry I think you should stop driving I will drive you look really tired'' I said he looked at me and laughed

''What's so funny?'' I asked

''I'm the one that took you away from everything and everyone you loved and your concerned?'' He said

''I know you are helping but let me drive'' I said again

''You don't know the address'' He said

''Give it to me I will type it in on my pho...'' I said but then I realized I left my phone on my dresser as I was packing.

''Shit!'' I said ''I left my phone on my dresser fuck my life!'' I said

''Hey hey it's oke I will just stop at a motel look at the sign just another 2 miles and were at one we will stay there for a FEW hours and then we will go on'' He said

''Why can't I drive and just type the address on your phone?'' I asked why can't I just his phone

''Well if I turn it on they can and will track my phone down so let's just stop here stay there until like 12 pm so I will get some sleep but wake me up when it's 12 you will never know if they followed us or something'' He said

''Yeah yeah 12 sure I will wake you up now pull in get a room and sleep I will just I don't know I will take a shower or something'' I said

''Oke now let's go'' He said and he stepped out of the car


We got a room and said we would be leaving today so we only payed like $20 pretty cheap and nice of the person. Harry fell on the bed and he felt asleep. I had to laugh because he looks like a little boy when he sleeps, so cute. But he's much more than that a person with a dark past and secret. 

I stepped into the shower and let the warm water hit me it felt good. I washed my hair and my body, after I got out I changed in some black skinny jeans and a dark blue tank top. I did my make-up, because yeah like every girl I need my make-up as much as it needs me! I left my hair in a towel to let it dry and I went to lay down next to Harry.

I don't know what it was but I felt such a strong band with Harry like we knew each other forever for years. And we had only knew each other for a 4 days and already were so close as 2 people can be after knowing each other for like 4 days. He had something over me the time we already spent together it feels like were a brother or sister or a man and wife. 

Oh shit it was already 5 past 12 how long was I thinking. Well I guess a crap lot of time.

''Harry wake up'' I said

''Hhmm'' He said

''Harry c'mon it's 12 wake up well actually it's now 5 past 12'' I said

''Oke oke i'm up now let's go'' He said grabbed his keys and walked to the door

''C'mon first grab the bags'' I said

''Oh yeah sorry I think I still need some sleep'' He said

''Well if you would let me drive...'' I said

''But you don't know the address...'' He said mocking me

''Haha your so funny Harry'' I said in a high pitched voice

''I know right!'' He said throwing his hands in the air and making his voice also high pitched

''Let's just go'' I said and we both laughed


''How long is it until we are where we need to be where are we going again?'' I asked still curious where were going

''To my old house in Seattle'' He said

''Wait what!? Seattle!'' I said we are going from New York all the way to Seattle we are going to the other side of the country

''I know it's far away but the farther were away from them the better'' Harry said

''I guess your right but your still gonna tell me what this is all about?'' I asked still curious what the hell is going on!?

''Oke you have the right to know'' Harry said damn right I have the right to know what's going on

''Look my dad made a deal one time with this gang the gang where Peter is in he borrowed some money and never gave it back they found him and killed him'' Harry said

''What does this have to do with you?'' I asked

''Me and my mom lived in a town in England since I was born it's called Holmes Chapel, my dad brought us there to have us save. And they found out he had a son and now they are behind me to make my life suffer to take everything away from me they want to take you away from me'' He said getting more mad with every word he said

''Why am I so important to you?'' I asked

''I don't know since day one I just feel this connection with you, I never had it with anyone else before and I just want to be with you protect you and be there for you. Please let me protect you'' Harry said I needed a moment to take everything in I feel exactly the same way my body screamed ''I feel the same way for some reason'' I said giving in

Harry smiled at me and he holded my hand and with the other hand on still driving the car

''I will protect you Tracey no matter what I promise'' Harry said and I believed everything he said to me

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