The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


4. Chapter 3: Harriet

The next morning we got ready to head to the gym but before that we ate our pancakes grabbed our bags for the gym and we went there. It was 12.30 pm when we got there so we decided to do a little warming up before we started.


''You already started without me?'' A voice said from behind us when we looked around we saw Harry standing there in black shorts and a white tank top.

''So I see you aren't alone my name is Harry'' Harry said saying to Jessica

''Oh believe me I already know who you are but i'm Jessica'' She said to Harry

Harry looked at me confushed and I just mouthed nevermind to him and we went to start, Jessica went talking to some other guy somewhere in the gym.

Harry had to laugh when I threw a punch.

''Excuse me what's so funny?'' I asked while putting my hands on my hips

''You punch like a girl'' He said

''Geez I woudn't know why hhmmm...'' I said

''You know what I mean'' Harry said

''Oh oke mister real man let me see what you got'' I said

''With pleasure'' He said

He then began throwing punches at the punching bag he was pretty good but I coudn't make it look like I was immpressed even though I was.

''That's how it's done'' He said and threw his boxinggloves on the floor and drank from his water bottle

''Wauw that was NOT immpressing at all...'' I said but you could hear the fake in my voice

''You were almost drewling looking at my abs'' He said while smirking

''Pff you wish'' I said

''So I see you guys met'' My dad said standing behind us

''Hey dad me and Harry are training so if you could just...'' I said while trying to get my dad back to what ever he was doing

''No no I would like to see what you guys have to show me spar against each other'' My dad said

''Dad are you crazy!?'' I said

''Sir I don't think that's a good idea'' Harry said looking worried

''I was just kidding get back to training only TRAINING'' he said and walked away

Harry had to laugh ''Nice dad you got there Tracey'' Harry said still laughing

''Yeah yeah get back to punching that bag Harriet'' I said

''So now I punch like a girl still wanna spar?'' He said

''No no thank you'' I said and smiled


Sorry for the short chapter but I need to sleep why do we have school?!?!!

Well in 2 days I will have vacation so then I will try to upload alot.

New update tomorrow bye xxx- Mounia

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