The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


3. chapter 2: Just asking

When I got home I didn't have any homework thank god there is something called summer vacation so I went to call Jessica and asked if she could come over after dinner.


Jessica would come around 8 pm and she would sleep here and tomorrow she would actualy join me in training haha i'm gonna kick her ass, she went with me before but that was like 2 years ago and i'm way better then I was when I was 16 right now i'm 18 and i'm in college.


''Dad does Harry train with you?'' I asked as soon as we sat down for dinner.

''Yes why are you asking?'' He asked a bit curious

''Oh I was just wondering he was pretty good last night at the fight'' I said 

''I wasn't there so I woudn't know but I trust you'' He said 

''But you shoudn't talk to him he's dangerous I know him for a while now and he isn't your type if you were thinking about dating him'' My dad said not even looking up from his plate

''Dad what were you thinking!?'' I said a bit shocked ''I'm not interested he just seems nice you know...'' I said

''Yeah hunny... he's not your type'' My dad said while he fake smiled at me

''H.A.H.A Your so funny dad'' I said

''Hey that's the second time you said that today'' My dad said

''I'm going upstairs Jessica can be here any minute she's gonna sleep here when she comes we will go to the store real quik to get some food'' I said

''Oke i'm going out with the guys so be save call me when you need anything'' He said while kissing my forehead and he left

''Oke bye see you tomorrow or something'' I said and then he left after that I went upstairs cleaned my room and after 10 minutes Jessica was here and I told her about Harry and what happened

''Omg you should text him!'' Jessica said excited

''Are you crazy!'' I said

''Well he wants you to text him he called you cute so I guess that's what that means'' Jessica said making a point

''Oke let's get some food first and then I will text him oke?'' I said

''Oke let's go'' Jessica said

We got up and went to the store we bought 2 bags of chips oreo's some candy a bucket of ice cream more candy and pancakes to eat for in the morning oke don't judge us we just love food...

''Look what we got here...'' A guy suddenly said he was standing behind us he was tall and has blonde hair and I believe brown eyes

''Can we help you?'' I said while giving the bag to Jessica she knew what was gonna happen

''No nothing just wanted to see if I could take you home with me'' He said and then he grabbed my waist

''You shoudn't have done that...'' Jessica whispered just for me to hear

I smiled at what she said and I turned his arm around and said ''Listen I can kick your ass in less then 2 seconds but you can also decide to just walk away without you needing to end up in the hospital, so your just gonna walk away and were gonna forgot this every happend oke?'' I said

''Yes oke! Just let my arm go!'' The guy said and with that I let go but before that I kicked him in his lower back making him fall on the ground and after that he ran away and after that we walked home but Jessica also gave me a high five and we went on


''Oke so again what you did there was awesome!'' Jessica said with a smile on her face

''Haha just forgot about it, you know it already happened before remember'' I said

''Oh yeah but that guy was like 2 years younger then us he was like 20'' She said

''Let's the ice cream in the fridge and go upstairs'' And with that we went upstairs but ofcourse Jessica still wanted me to text Harry but I already had a excuse to text him


(T): Tracey (H): Harry


T: ''Hey Harry I was thinking do you want to train tomorrow if your going to the gym? x Tracey"

''One x?'' I asked Jessica

''Yeah that's oke'' She said

After about 10 minutes we got a reply

H:''Yeah sure I will be there tomorrow at 1 pm will I see you then?x ;)'' 

T: ''Yeah sure see you then bye x :)

H: ''Bye see you x''


''Oke he wants you!'' Jessica said

''Shut up! why do you think that?'' I asked her

''Well first he also sends x's and that wink smiley! Giiiirlll...'' Jessica said

''Oke 30 dollars he just wants to be friends?'' I asked

''Oke deal!'' Jessica said

''I'm gonna be rich'' I said

''You wish!'' Jessica said

We then just laughed and the rest of the night we watched movies and decided to see if Harry had a instagram, and he did

''Wow he has some nice abs!'' Jessica said when we were looking at a shirtless picture Jessica wanted me to follow him but I told her that would be weird after that we went to sleep and I don't know for some reason I was really excited for tomorrow.

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