The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


20. Chapter 17: -If you tell anyone you're dead-

''Morning'' I smiled at Harry when we woke up

''Morning'' He said

''What do you wanna do today?'' I asked him

''Well we have to meet up with some people well me and Louis you and Eleanor stay here it's too dangerous for you to come with'' Harry said

Great he's going out while I stay home...

''Oh... Okay'' I said

''You don't mind do you?'' Harry asked me 


''No of course not'' I said

''Okay I will be back in a couple of hours'' Harry said kissing the top of my head and he walked to the bathroom 

I was gonna get some breakfast from downstairs what time is it actually? I looked at the clock on the wall that said 9:30 am

''Oh it's still early'' I mumbled to myself I walked down stairs and saw Gemma and Eleanor drinking some tea

''Morning'' I said as I popped some break in the toaster

''Morning'' They said in unison 

''Want some tea?'' Gemma asked me

''Sure thank you'' I said

''So Louis and Harry are gonna go meet someone?'' I asked

''Yeah some business they need to handle but no worries it's a friend nothing with the gang tho'' Gemma said

''I wish they would stop tho but I know it's not easy'' Eleanor said

''Same...'' I said

''Well let's do something crazy today us 3'' Gemma said smirking

''Like what?'' Eleanor asked

''Wanna go to the shooting rink?'' Gemma asked

''OMG YES!'' Eleanor screamed and we started to laugh

''Tracey you up for it?'' Gemma asked

''Sure what time do we leave?''

''I say around 11?'' Gemma said

''Okay that's good'' I said and we ate our breakfast and we started to get ready

As I was applying my make-up I got a text message from... blocked? what...?

-When your at the shooting rink walk to the toilets alone and wait there for me- It said I replied who are you but every time I did the message failed to send

Then I got a second one 

-If you tell anyone you're dead- It said

Okay... dafuq is going on, for safety I decided to do my pocket knife in my pocket haha ironic

-A knife won't save you- the third message read I then got scared this person is watching me right now...

I ran out of the room downstairs we still had 30 minutes before we left but when I got downstairs Harry and Louis were just about to leave

''Bye'' I said to them and they waved at me then closed the door

As I walked into the living room I saw Eleanor there watching tv

''Gemma is being slow again'' She said as soon as she saw me

I laughed at her and we killed some time watching tv we couldn't watch anything except for bcc because everything else was Dutch 

''Finally now let's go!!!'' Eleanor said

''I said 11 and it's 15 minutes till 11 I am early'' She said smirking

''Omg smirking is in the family'' Eleanor said which made me laugh ''Omg yes it is'' I said

''Okay let's go'' Gemma said


We arrived at the shooting rink and I realized I had to meet who ever it was in the toilet

''Ahm I need to go to the toilet'' I said

''Okay just walk straight out and walk into the yellow door there are the rinks you will see us there'' Gemma said and I nodded


I made my way to the bathroom and saw a note in front of the door that said behind you I know what to do I grabbed my knife out of my bra and turned around with it in my hand and saw... no one? I turned back around to find someone putting something in front of my mouth the hell but before I could react I fell asleep


''Listen she's in here you need to calm down or else we will shoot her'' I heard someone say I was tied up and in a room and heard voices from outside of the room

''I don't care I will give you 10.000 pounds just let her go'' I could hear Harry say

''You make that 15.000 and we have a deal'' I heard the other voice say

''Deal Louis go in there I will write the check'' I heard him say after that Louis stepped inside of the room untied the knots and I hugged him and started crying shortly after that Harry walked in and I ran to his arms

''I thought I was never gonna see you again'' I sobbed in his shoulders

''That will never happen baby I promise'' He said


We were now sitting in the car the girls already went back to the house 

''Harry who were they I thought they were your friends?'' I asked him it doesn't make any sense 

''They used you to get money from me they're no really my friends well not anymore'' He answered

''Are we gonna tell her?'' Louis said

''Tell me what?'' I asked

''Great job Lou...'' Harry said rolling his eyes

''What is it?'' I asked again

''Remember the whole Peter thing...'' Louis said

''Yeah he died...'' I said

''Well not really he's still alive... And when we were inside he said that he and your father are looking for you'' Louis said again

''WHAT!'' I screamed

''And they're in Amsterdam right now they have the address and everything and they're on their way tot here I told the girls to pack everything and wait for us to call them after that we will be going away'' Harry said

''What ho ho wait up where are we going now!?'' I asked I was really sick of all this traveling... I just wanted to stay somewhere and live with Harry

''LA'' Louis said

Well woah were going on a 12 hour flight or something to again another place woah... 


So Peter is back and so is her dad and they're moving again next chapter will be ALOT of drama so be prepared ;) xxx-Mounia


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