The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


19. Chapter 16: something serious?

''Harry that sack is about to fall of stop hitting it'' I said while I was standing behind Harry.

''Tracey!'' He said and threw himself at me we fell on the floor and I started to laugh while harry was hugging me and smiling.

''Harry get your fat ass off of me your killing me'' I said still laughing ''I am not fat'' He said and then started to flex his arms ''If I have to remind you'' He said ''Don't be such a show off'' I said laughing He then pretended to be hurt and we walked to the dressing rooms ''I will see you in a little'' I said to Harry I will be waiting here when I am out and if your out before me just wait here ok?'' He said and I nodded I got into the shower and let the hot water touch my skin and I immediately relaxed. I got out and I saw something written of the mirror in red lipstick... wait that's my lipstick... what the hell is going on!? it said ''Bet Harry already left you hun...'' What!? This is not funny anymore Harry would never leave me... right? I tried to ignore it and got dressed did my make-up and washed the text off of the mirror before anyone else would see it. ''Hey babe'' Harry said as I walked out ''Hey what are we gonna do now?'' I asked him I decided not to tell Harry he would be mad and go crazy again and right now we need to stay on the low side and cause and attention towards us... ''Maybe we could go and eat something?'' He asked me ''Sure what did you have in mind?'' I asked him ''Let's get fat and go to Macdonalds?'' He said and we both started to laugh ''Sure sure...'' I said and we went to Macdonalds ''Harry'' I said completely serious as we were standing in line ''What is it?'' He asked sounding worried ''I need to ask you something but please don't laugh at me it's really serious and would mean a lot to me if you answered me completely truthful'' I said ''Of course I would never laugh at you'' I took a deep breath...''Harry...'' I said he looked at me with big eyes ''What flavor milkshake do you want?'' I asked and we both started to laugh hard ''Hey you wouldn't laugh at me!'' I said still laughing ''Come on...'' Harry said We ordered our food and ate it and we were full afterwards damn... ''We went to the gym for nothing...'' I said and we both started to laugh again ''YEP but I have no regrets'' Harry said ''Me neither!'' ''Let's get back to the others we haven't seen them all day'' Harry said and I nodded We drove back to the house and saw that no one was there... weird... ''They're off to the movie's'' Harry said walking to me with a note in his hand ''Oh ok...'' I said and sat down on the couch ''Which means we have the house to ourselves for a few hours...'' Harry said smirking at me And he started to kiss my neck... My first time with Harry now... I was ready for it but I wasn't expecting it to be now... Tonight was amazing after IT happened I fell asleep in Harry's arms and I never felt this amazing ever before in my life... Hey right now I am in Morocco and I finally have internet on my laptop woah! So now I can update again hope you guys like the update xxx-Mounia

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