The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


18. Chapter 15: Amsterdam and Louis's telling

haha this chapter will be in Amsterdam and the boys are now in Amsterdam haha I am going to the concert tomorrow I can't wait! And I am sitting first row and freaking early bird. You don't know how happy I am!!!!



''Tracey wake up we arrived in Amsterdam were already at the house'' Harry said shaking me lightly so I would wake up

''Wait what how did I get out of the plane?'' I asked Harry

''I carried you to the car and to the house you are very light you should eat a little babe'' Harry said I just shook my head at him and laughed, I know I am fit so it's not like I am gonna say 'No I am heavy' Because I know I am not, not to sound full of myself or anything but I just know it about myself...

''I am going to the gym today and tomorrow night I actually have a game'' Harry said

''Really can I come'' I asked

''Ofcourse your coming with me I am not gonna leave you alone for now one Louis and Eleanor are also coming so is Gemma my sister they are waiting downstairs for us'' Harry said I nodded and we went downstairs. Everyone was sitting on this big black couch and they had guns in their hands and they were looking at each other guns!? oke... 

''Hey what are you guys doing?'' Harry asked looking weird at them and pointing at their guns

''Hoi Harry'' A girl with I never saw before walked up to him hugged him and then stook her hand out to me ''Hoi ik ben Gemma'' She said.... wait what? was she talking Dutch or something

''Gemma your speaking Dutch again'' Harry said laughing

''Oh sorry sometimes that happens I will just talk Dutch out of nowhere but what I said was, Hey Harry and Hey I am Gemma'' She said

''Oh haha oke I am Tracey'' I said and we shook hands

''She's prettier than what you told me Harry'' Gemma said smiling I smiled back 

''What are we gonna do today?'' Louis asked joining in

''Well were going to the gym wanna come with?'' Harry asked them

''No were gonna head into the town but Louis may wanna come?'' Gemma said while grabbing on Eleanor her arm

''Sure haven't been to the gym for far... too long'' Louis said 

''Were gonna leave after breakfast so grab your things quick'' Harry said to Louis he nodded and we went to eat breakfast after that we went to the gym and we went to the dressing rooms and then we started to train

Harry was boxing and me and Louis were running on the treadmill.

''Louis how did you meet all the guys?'' I asked him lately I really found myself thinking how they all met well I guess I know how they met through all this drama but what is the story behind that I know Danielle's, Eleanor's, and maybe I will know Louis his story now. What kind of story would be behind his cheerful smile the guy who is always happy maybe really isn't?

''Well ahm...'' He said Oh no I made him uncomfortable ''Don't worry I will tell you'' He said giving me a friendly smile. I guess he saw my face

''Well I already knew Zayn we went to the same school together and we were kind of like the bad guys of the school... always getting into trouble smoking and those kind of things... One day Peter walked up to us and asked us to do a favour so we did we just had to give some guy at a park a letter but that guy wasn't who we think he was it was Harry and we also knew Harry around that time he also went to our school and he explained us everything and I guess Peter found out and he threatened our family if we don't work for him so we had no other choose...'' Louis said

''Nothing happend to your family right?'' I asked

''Oh hell no and if he touches them he's gonna be dead they live in Moskou changed their names Peter will never find them that way even if he tryes he's not gonna look in Moskou'' Louis said. Well I am getting closer and closer to everyone by just knowing their story's now that I know Louis his story I already know we are gonna be better friends. 

''Well nothing will happen to them Louis'' I said and smiled at him

''I am happy Harry found someone like you he only deserves the best he went through a lot maybe a little too lot for a 20 year old'' Louis said looking down

What did he mean... Well maybe I will know Harry his story soon? 

''Wanna go check on Harry''I asked Louis

''Sure looks like that sack is gonna fall of any minute better stop him before he breaks it'' Louis said laughing and Iaughed with him 

One more person I know the story of only like 100000 more to go and I just met like 5 of them...


Sorry not a long chapter as I promised but I am so so tired and I am gonna go to bed and tomorrow I will be going to One Direction!!!! If you wanna see some pics of the concert follow me on Twitter: @mouniaainuom

love you guys goodnight xxx-Mounia

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