The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


17. Chapter 14: just a bad dream...

''Harry?'' Was the first thing I said when my eyes opened

''Tracey! Baby you don't know how much I missed you are you ok? What did it feel like? Did you saw anything?'' Harry bombed me with questions 

''Wow hold on there 1 question at a time'' I said

''Answer them later'' Harry said and kissed me we stayed like that for a minute or 2 when we heard someone cough behind us

It were Louis and Eleanor!

''Louis! Eleanor!'' I said and I gave both of them a hug

''The docter will be here in a couple of minutes he will do some checks on you and then you can leave tomorrow morning...'' Louis said No I wanna leave now! I don't want to stay in this fucking hospital

''Ugh... I wanna leave'' I said

''Harry tell her....'' Eleanor said

''What do you need to tell me?'' I asked looking towards Harry

''Ahm... Well... right when you leave the hospital we need to take a helicopter to Amsterdam emidiatly because they know your in here and the helicopter will be on the roof'' Harry said

''Really? Oh ok that's fine'' I said why were they so worried?

''Are you for real? Aren't you scared they will get you again or they will come in here'' Louis said looking at me like I was crazy

''I know I am save with you guys'' I said and smiled they all gave me a hug and after that the docter came in did some checks and I went to sleep and well the next morning we will be leaving to Amsterdam

''Baby run! he will be right behind you a true friend? They are never don't trust anyone they will stab you in the back and leave you rotten behind TRUST NO ONE!''

Then this blonde guy came out of no where he was standing in front of me but for some reason his face wasn't clear I could only see his blonde hair and a gun... wait a gun!?

''That's what you get you little bitch... What did your mom tell you!? hhmm... Don't trust anyone better listen to her next time!'' The voice said it still wasn't clear and then the person shot me


''Ah!'' I said and woke up all sweaty and in shock of course!

''What's wrong babe?'' Harry said he never left my side he was always next to me.... Man I love him so much

''Nothing just a bad dream...'' I said

''Well I am right here nothing is gonna happen ok?'' Harry said and I nodded ''Now go back to sleep'' He said

''Harry there is plenty of space in the bed please some lay down with me'' I said to him I just needed his comfort right now

''Everything for you baby'' He said and smiled at me showing his adorable dimples

Harry layed down next to me and we both fell asleep short after that

''don't trust anyone''

The voice in my head went again...


Thank you guys so much for the sweet comment :) I love you so much

This was kind of a filler for what's gonna happen next, and the next chapter is gonna be a lot of drama and also long just for you guys haha


xxx- Mounia

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