The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


15. chapter 13: RUN!

Tracey p.o.v


Everything was black the only thing I could hear was the wind wait wind?

As I looked around me I was suddenly standing in a forrest what the hell is going on!?

Then I remembered what happend before the car crash... Liam... Harry!

Harry! what happend to him? And Louis and Eleanor!

I need to wake the fuck up

''Tracey'' I heard someone say I jumped up when I felt someone touch my shoulder

Long brown hair just like mine... Hazel eyes just like mine... Same clothes same everything...

Was I looking in a mirror?

''Run'' Said the person I was looking at ''Run for what?'' I asked confused 

''If you see Logan run for your life or else this will happen to you'' She said pointing to herself

Then I noticed the scars on her left arm and the burning wounds on her right arm he clothes were cut open her hair was looking terrible nails were dirty...

''Who is Logan!?'' I asked getting scared at the thought that that could happen to me

''All I can say in blonde hair brown eyes now RUN HE'S BEHIND YOU!'' She said and all of the sudden everything went black again...


Harry's p.o.v


It's been days I never left her side...

I heard Louis come in to the room looking concerned at me ''Hey man how are you doing?'' He asked me

I didn't or could say anything if I would talk I will just end up crying I never felt like this before she was my everything and now there is a chance she won't even open her eyes ever again...

''Look man I know it's bad and this wasn't suppose the happen but please at least eat something you have been sitting like this for the past 3 days without standing up eating anything and how don't you go to the bathroom, she will wake up but just go to the hotel take a shower have something to eat and we will get right back oke?'' Louis asked me... he did have a point I can't stay here I have to get back and eat something

I got up and walked towards the car I was trying to open the door but Louis stopped me

''I think I should drive your look really tired'' He said and again he made a point

We got to the hotel and I took a shower changed clothes I ate something and I even took a nap and after that I went back to the hospital and it went like this again and again for days...


Tracey's p.o.v


Dark was all I could see but when I looked up I saw a little star and then I heard something

''My little star go to sleep and dream about all the things you could be'' Where did I hear that before?

''Don't be scared I ain't going nowhere I will be right here'' That song wait... My mom used to sing that to me but then she passed away in a car crash... wow I might die the same way...

''Mom?'' I said

''Behind you baby'' I turned around and saw her long blonde hair in a braid over her shoulder and her hazel eyes just like mine...

''Mom!'' I said and I gave her a hug and creed she hugged back

''Baby don't give up it's not your time to go away yet you've been gone for 2 weeks now wake up find your strength some people are waiting for you'' She said in the voice I missed for so many years

''Mom I wanna be with you please don't go'' I said with tears in my eyes

''There is someone who needs you more then I need you waiting hunny... one day we will meet again but not now the boy is waiting please wake up'' She said

''But how!?'' I asked

''Use your inner strength'' She said and slowly faded away

''I love you'' she said ''I love you too mommy'' I said and cried a little

Oke focus Tracey you need to do this for Harry for mom for Louis and for Eleanor!

I then heard someone crying it sounded like Harry....

''Baby wake up for me I kno you can do it please'' Harry said

''I am trying baby!'' I screamed

''What did you say?'' Harry said could he hear me!?

''Harry I will wake believe me!''

''Sister come in I heard her say something!'' I heard Harry say

Then my eyes opened and I woke up to a big white room with my mouth open in shock. And Harry was standing in the door opening

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