The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


14. Chapter 12: Black and slomo

''Baby girl wake up were leaving now'' Harry said as he was shaking me lightly to wake me up

I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower because ahm... were leaving now!? Why didn't he wake me up before!?!?!?

''Babe you can still take a shower and everything relax the flight in taking of in 3 hours we still have about 2 hours until we get there and take the yet'' Harry said casually. OMG A YET! Wait why am I even surprised this is normal life for them I should try to get used to this.

''Oke but I still need to pack can you do that for me Haz?'' I asked Harry

''Already done and your clothes are neatly folded and on the counter sink'' He said I looked next to me and he was right there were black skinny jeans a white tank top and a red blazer and on the ground next to it there were black heels

''Harry these clothes aren't mine'' I said oh no is he gonna spoil me? I hate it when people give me gifts I just hate it!

''It's just a little gift babe, but I am gonna head to the kitchen and make some breakfast, just go to the room next to us that is were Louis and Eleanor stay and come with them to the kitchen I don't want you to be walking around these halls alone full of criminals'' And with that he walked away out of the room to the kitchen

''Wait Harry what about my make-up?'' I said

''You look better without now see you in a little''

''But Harry I need my...'' But it was no use he already walked away

Goddamit Harry...

I showered did my hair got dressed and went to go to Louis and Eleanor's room

As I knocked on their room I saw some guys looking at me and whistling one even spoke to me ''Hey red blazer do you come here often?'' He said, He was tall was a little tanned and looked gross but I litterly mean gross he was filty like he didn't shower in 2 weeks and the rest of the guys he was standing with also looked like that, he flassed me a smile and I saw his yellow tooth which made me cringe.

''No need to be afraid babe just come with us'' And with that he walked towards me and when he was almost in front of me Louis openend the door

''Pedro go smoke some of your weed or something but stay away from her she's with Harry'' Louis said

''Oh really? I'm sorry miss forgive me'' he said looking worried

''Ahm yeah sure oke...'' I said and I saw Eleanor sit on the bed so I just ignored them all and walked to her... Man everyone was really afraid of Harry I should really talk to him about that actually.

''Hey so you met Pedro?'' She laughing ''Don't worry about him he's a filty little man just one kick and he is already crying by his mom he's nothing to worry about'' She said

''Oh ole good... I wasn't really afraid of him like there was this one time 3 guys tried to flirt with me and they came really close and tried to touch me but guess what... I took them all down'' I said kind of being proud of myself well I mean it's something to be kind of proud of

''Wow nice... One time 2 guys held a gun against my head and I got away and took the 2 guns out of their hand and held them against them'' She said also being proud of her self wauw... that story made my story look like a flop.

''Wauw that's really cool nice work girl!'' I said

''Let's go eat something Harry is making breakfast he's probably already done'' Eleanor said and pulled me out of the room and we walked together to the kitchen were we saw Harry and a big plate of pancakes that looked so good!

''Morning'' Harry said

''Morning'' Me and Eleanor said

''Were leaving in 20 minutes so eat quick and where is Louis?'' Harry asked

''Watching tv with some of the guys from here'' Eleanor said

''I will get him be right back'' Harry said and went to get Louis

''Eleanor how did you and Louis meet?'' I asked her

''That's a story... haha well ahm... I used to live on the streets that's where I kind of learned how to fight and such and Louis found me when I was almost beaten to dead by this group of girl all with baseball bats because they said I owned them money which was absolute bullshit and Louis scared them away with Harry and Liam you also met they took me to the hospital and me and Louis just chatted and now look at us were happy together'' She said and at the end she had a smile on her face but like a real one that came from the heart... I can see that she really loves him

''That weird beautiful and must have been painful'' I said and we both laughed

Harry came back with Louis after a few minutes, we ate and went to the airport

''You guys can we pull up here please I need to go to the bathroom'' I said I really had to go

''Yeah sure but we will be in front of the door incase anything happens'' Louis said and I nodded

''Eleanor go with her inside'' Harry said

''Duh of course I am'' Eleanor said

As we were walking to there Eleanor forgot her purse and went back because you had to pay for the toilet as I was waiting for her a big black car pulled in front of me grabbed me and pulled my away

''We got her drive!'' The guy said wait is that... Liam! 

''Liam dafuq are you doing!?'' I said as I slapped him across the face

''Don't slap me bitch and were taking you away'' Liam said mean and forceful 

''What!?'' Liam said

''Stay in your seat and if you move we are not afraid to shoot you

''Harry will find me!'' I said 

''Haha... yeah sure he will'' Liam said


''Shit they are following us'' Liam said to the guy who was driving I have never seen him before but had blonde hair in a queff

''I will shake them off'' The guy said and Liam held a gun and opened the roof of the car and started to shoot them

''Don't shoot them!'' I said and kicked Liam which made him fall back inside I kicked him and took the gun the guy who drove was confushed and lost control and we crashed

All I remember was that there were car pieces everywhere and I saw Harry running towards me and everything was in slomotion

''Stay awake Tracey for me'' I heard Harry say and in the background I saw Louis shooting Liam and Eleanor running towards me and that's when everything went black.

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