The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


13. Chapter 11: Don't mean to scare you

YEEEES! I'm back I got a new laptop and now i'm back so I will be getting back to updating for you guys!!! xxx


5 Minutes after waiting I saw a black lamborgini in front of me and a girl with black ray bans and long brown curly hair was in there. Wauw... She was really pretty why can't I be her!? 


''Are you Tracey?'' She asked me

''Yes'' I answered

''Well get in then i'm Danielle nice to meet you'' She said and we sped off

''Oh and never say yes when someone knows your name imagine if I was one of them you could be dead by now, just remember that ok?'' She said

''Omg your right and yes I will remember that one for sure!'' I said

''Well good...'' ''So how long do you know Harry now?'' She asked me the funny thing is just one week passed and hhmm what happened again? I had to run away with someone I had only know for 2 days, this creepy guy wants to use me for something. Oh and of course my dad was with them. My whole life was a lie... Good thing Harry came in it and I hope he will stay in it...

''Ahm... we have known each other for a week now hehe...'' I said kind of awkward 

''What! Well girl I thought like a month or so...pff Just a week!'' She said surprised

''Yeah I know it's crazy but with Harry it feels like I have known him for years you know, we have already created this bond and it's crazy to say but I love him and I know that he also loves me'' I said Danielle looked shocked and after a minute I saw a tear roll down her cheek.

''hey hey hey what is wrong?'' I asked putting one hand on her shoulder

''No nothing... Well... You already met Liam right?'' She asked me and I nodded that bastard... ''Well we used to date and we broke up because he was being abusive and after a while he threatened to kick me out of the house if I would tell anyone but I told Perrie and Eleanor and he found out and he kicked me out and after that I went to Harry and everyone and they helped me but they knew about what Liam did to me but he talked them out of it and since yesterday they believe me and now were back to our old gang you know...'' She said it just blew me away, that must have been terrified all of that.

''I'm really sorry but hey look now everything is back to normal and you have your old life right?'' I said

''Yeah I guess so...'' She said

''Well enough crying for today were here and I already see Harry running to the car'' She said and when I saw Harry I jumped out of the car and embraced him. I can't believe that I missed him this much just after 1 hour but this feels so good and I never wanna let go!

''I missed you so much babe!'' Harry said ''And i'm happy everything turned out fine'' He said

''Me 2, and I love you'' I said ''I love you toooooo'' He said what made me laugh

''Let's get inside'' He said and he pulled my over his shoulder onto his back and he ran inside

''Danielle thank you so much and I will see you around'' I screamed because we were already inside the house.


''Harry what happened in the restaurant after I left?'' I asked Harry after we were sitting in a guest room on the bed together I was in his arms and we were just laying there.

''Well they told us... ahm... I don't wanna scare you but they said they knew your information and they would come after you'' Harry said I shot up looking at him with big eyes WTF!?

''Don't worry tomorrow we will be going to Amsterdam with Louis and Eleanor and we will visit my sister she knows how to hack into places and she can delete all your information out of their computers and such she's really good trust me!'' He said ''Everything will be fine ole babe?'' He said

''I know that Harry I trust you and believe you'' I said and we kissed each other

Well I guess we will be going to again an other place! WOOHOO! *Note to sarcasm*


hope you guys like it xxx- Mounia

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