The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


11. Chapter 10: Don't move

After Harry asked me to be his girlfriend we decided we were gonna go to Louis and tell him. As we were walking through to halls together I saw some people, they had their body's full off tattoo's and piercings all around their face some of the people winked at me but as soon as they saw Harry they got scared and walked away quikly. Why would these people be afraid of Harry? I mean if you look at him he looks like someon who woudn't hurt a fly and someon you could cuddle with all day. But I guess he's not...?


''Finally!'' Eleanor said

''Shit man!'' Louis said handing Eleanor 20 pounds since were in England

''Why did you gave her 20 pounds?'' I asked confused and so was Harry

''Well Louis here thought you guys were just friends but since your walking hand in hand you guys are a couple wich means I was right!'' Eleanor said again wauw she was happy haha

''Why did you think we were a couple?'' Harry said with a little laugh at the end we were still a little confused

''Well first the way you look at each other and Harry you would never just take a girl to an other country just to protect her you would probably take her somewhere and change her name or something'' Eleanor said and me and Harry looked at each other and smiled

''Look that's what I mean!'' She said and pushed Louis his shoulder

''Ok ok we get it do you guys wanna go somewhere and eat we got nothing here in the kitchen you could really eat, except if you wanna eat some rotten macaroni...'' Louis said

''Ok let's go somewhere to eat then!'' Harry said


We decided to go to Macdonalds just the four of us and Louis and Eleanor were really nice people you woudn't even think they were in a gang or something we all ordered our food and the second we were sitting Eleanor had to go pee and I guess me as a girl had to go with her


''So you and Harry...'' Eleanor said with a cheeky voice as she was peeing I was standing against a sink with my arms crossed.

''Yeah were together now...'' I said just thinking about Harry made me go weak in the knees would he also have these feelings when he was thinking about me? Maybe him and Louis are talking about our relationship!?

''You guys are cute together'' Eleanor said coming out of the bathroom stall

''Well thank you'' I said

''But...'' Eleanor said

''But what?'' I asked

''Be careful with Harry he's dangerous just look out'' Eleanor said giving me a serious stare

''Ahm.. yeah sure ofcourse'' I said again

''I just don't want anything to happen to you... you are... diffrent then the other girls Harry used to bring to us when we were in Seattle, they were pretty but let's just say they were only pretty'' Eleanor said, other girls? Well that just boosted up my confidence that Harry dated 10x hotter girls before

''But they are not as pretty as you believe me you have natural beauty'' Eleanor said, great...

''let's get back to the boys'' I said

''Yeah c'mon'' She said

As we were walking torwards the table Eleanor pulled me back torwards the bathroom

''What is wrong?'' I asked confused

''Just look torwards the table but don't make yourself noticeble'' Eleanor said

I looked around the corner and I saw 2 big guys at our table talking to Louis and Harry, oh shit they are looking for us, well probably me!

''Omg who are they?'' I asked as I turned back to Eleanor

''They work for Peter, but listen there is a window right there in the last stall you are gonna go through there and when you are outside just run and then call the first number in this list and tell them you are with me and they will pick you up and take you back to the house'' Eleanor said

''Oke oke but what are you gonna do?'' I asked ofcourse I was worried for her

''I am Eleanor Calder the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson leader of the 3th most dangerous gang in the world I think I can save myself out of this'' She said and winked at me and she walked back into the restaurant I watched as she kicked the man in the face and she and the boys ran away, the man just layed there on the floor and you could hear people scream in the restaurant

Well I guess right now I have to go

As I was struggeling to climb through this window, what did she think I was a size 0!? I finally got out and pulled the phone out of my pocket Eleanor gave to me and I called the first person on the list, the person was called Daniella so I guess a girl will be picking me up.

''Hello Eleanor'' A girl's voice said when I called

''No this is Tracey I am Harry's girlfriend and we were eating at macdonald's with Louis and Eleanor and this guy came and Eleanor told me to go outside and call the first number and you are supposed to pick me up and take me back'' I said 

''Oh shit she never warns me for these kind of things! Just tell me where you at'' She said

''Ahm I am on a street called 32th Poleman street'' I said (Totally made that up)

''Oh yeah oke I will be there in like 2 minutes don't move'' She said and hung up before I could answer

Who were those guys back in the restaurant!?

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