The boxer (on hold)

A girl who loves to box meets a boy with a dark secret who is always on the run but what happens when she also has to run...?


2. chapter 1: Hi to you to

''C'mon Tracey you can do way better than this'' My dad yelled at me


I then punched the punching bag again and again and again until I was out of breath.

''That's what I mean why didn't you do that before?'' My dad asked confused

''I don't know just tired I came home pretty late after that game I had to walk home Jessica coudn't pick me up'' I said

''Wait you walked home!? It was like 11 pm when that game ended! Are you crazy'' My dad screamed being mad

''Dad nothing happend besides Derek walked with me he live like 2 streets down'' I said

''I don't know I don't trust that guy'' My dad said getting on my nerves he never trusts anyone i'm friends with only Jessica but that is because we knew each other since we were like 4 and he knows her family

''Dad have a little trust in me nothing happend'' I said in hope he will not think i'm not such a little kid anymore

''I know but I just don't want anything to happen to my little pumpkin'' He said making a face he would do to a baby... Nope he won't trust me today

''H.A.H.A Really funny dad...'' I said

''I know right now get to the dressing room your done for today'' He said

''Oke see you tonight'' I said and walked away, as I was walking to the dressing room I saw someone I have seen before... Wait that was Harry he was walking from the guys dressing room with a white v-neck some gym shorts and a bottle of water.

''Hey aren't you Harry Styles, wait why did you walk away yesterday after you won that fight?'' I asked

''Hi to you to'' He said a little confused

''I'm sorry weird way to introduce myself, My name is Tracey'' I said while holding a hand out

''My name is Harry and to answer your question I don't know why I left I just went back into my dressing room didn't feel like having all those people run up to me with questions'' He said

''Oke far enough'' I said ''Do you train here?'' I asked

''Yes for now I moved here but i'm kind of moving around alot from place to place to see where I kind of fit in'' He said

''Oh oke I also train here''

''You box?'' He asked

''Yes I do, my dad owns the place so he kind of forced me to but I like it, it gives me a relaxing feeling inside you know...'' I said

''Yeah I do...'' He said

''Well it was nice to meet you I will see you around then'' I said

''Yeah sure'' He said smiling

''Oh but wait here is my number in case you want anybody to train with sometimes'' He said giving me a piece of paper'' He said giving to me

''Wait so you have a piece of paper to just give to people when you see them and ask if they wanna call to train with?'' I asked

''You may never know maybe there will be someon cute'' He said while winking

I smiled ''Well I will talk to you later then bye Harry'' I said

''Bye Tracey. He said and walked off

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