Save Me |payne|

"Why'd you want to be a fireman?"

"I dunno, I liked the idea of saving someone."


Liam Payne is a firefighter working in London.

Finley Newton is a Registered Nurse working in a hospital in London.

When events take place and Finley meets Liam by way of her kitchen catching fire and sees him again when he turns up at the hospital to get stitches and minor burn treatment, Finley can't help but feel like they were meant to meet. You could call it fate but maybe they were just meant to save each other.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

"Hazel? Where are you lovely?" I asked as I came into the flat I shared with my best friend.

"In here!" She said, her voice drifting through the door leading into the kitchen.

Setting my keys on the entryway table, I walked into the kitchen in ourflat to find the marble countertops dirtied with flour and eggs and various other foods. As for my best friend, she was standing in front of the stove stirring a bowl of batter that looked like pancake batter. At least I hope that's what it was.

"Hazel, what have I told you about cooking?" I ask in a stern voice. I was notgoing to force another one her cooking failures down my throat.

"I promise that these will be fine! I did it right this time!" She said, begging me to at least try it.

"That's what you said last time." I grumbled but decided to have a little faith in my friends cooking abilities. And that right there is your first mistake.

"Holy crap!" I screamed, immediately spitting the piece of food out into the trashcan.

"I seriously doubt it was that bad." Hazel said, taking a bite of the pancake herself only to find that it tasted like a burnt piece of plastic.

"Sorry," She muttered sheepishly. I laughed and ruffled her raven colored hair.

"Looks like we're having takeout again. How about Chinese?" I asked, recieving a small smile from Hazel.

These people ought to know our names by now.

I thought as I picked up the phone and ordered in. Sure enough, they did know our names by now. That's kind of sad....

After hanging up, I went into the living room where Hazel was sat on the couch, ruffling through a stack of DVD's.

"So what're our choices?" I asked, plopping down beside her.

"Well, the choices are: The Hunger Games followed by Catching Fire, The Notebook, Safe Haven, Pitch Perfect or City of Bones." She explained, laying out all the cases in a line on the coffee table.

"Hmmm, how about The Hunger Games and Catching Fire? I'm in a Josh Hutcherson mood." I explained and she nodded, popping the DVD into the player.

After recieving our Chinese, we started the movie, silently taking in the awesomeness that is Joshifer and drifting off to sleep in the process.

Little did I know that Hazel had left the oven on.....



The sound of the fire alarm going off alerted me to the smokiness in the room.

Hazel and I had both fallen asleep on the couch and glancing at the TV screen, I saw the credits rolling for the movie.

Panicing but trying to stay calm, I shook Hazel's shoulder to wake her up.

"Hazel. Get up. Something's on fire and we need to get out." I explained and Hazel suddenly jumped up and started to freak out.

"Hazel! Calm down. Just get outside, I'll follow." I said, guiding her out the back door and away from the fire, hearing sirens in the distance before the fire truck pulled up.

They all rushed inside the smoking house, starting the process of putting the fire out. As I watched, I caught the eye of a tall man with broad shoulders. Noticing he caught my attention, he started heading our way, taking off his breathing mask before speaking.

"Well, it looks like the fire was caused by the oven overheating. We have it under control and it should be put out shortly." He explained as I ran my fingers through my blonde hair in a frustrated and worrisome manner.

"How did it over heat?" I wondered aloud only to find Hazel looking uncomfortable.

"I may or may not have turned the oven off." She explained, her cheeks heating up in embarassment.

"Hazel..." I groaned, rubbing my temples.

"Please don't be mad! I seriously though I turned it off." She exclaimed in desperation.

"I'm not mad Haze, just be more caredul next time okay?" I asked, giving a small smile to my best friend.

"Thank you for getting her quickly and notifying us..." I trailed off, not knowing the name of the firefighter in front of me.

"Liam. Captain Liam Payne." He explained, smiling at me. "And it was my pleasure." And with that, he went back into the house to help snuff out the fire.



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