Still Into You [5SOS]

At nineteen years of age, Rory Marks is doing well for herself. She has her own apartment in the Australian city she grew up in along with obtaining a college education. When her sister announces she's getting married, Rory is made the Maid of Honor. What she doesn't expect, however, is to see Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum there as well. Not that she wasn't glad to see them, she was just shocked that they were there.

And more importantly, if Rory's former group of best friends are back, will they bring the feelings back as well?


1. O1. Rory

Rory's POV

"Come on Rory please." My sister Renee begged me as I sleepily stumbled down the stairs, her energetic self following closely behind me.

"No. I'm not picking up your friends from the airport." I said in frustration. Why was I even asked to pick up her friends from the airport? I didn't know them! If I picked them up it'd just be awkward.

"Rory! Stop giving your sister a hard time and pick her friends up. She's stressed out enough as it is." My mother told me in her you-better-do-what-I-say voice causing me to roll my eyes in annoyance as I grabbed the orange juice out of the fridge.

"Fine. But if they complain about the two hour car journey being awkward and quiet, it's not my fault." I said, downing the glass of orange juice before heading up to my bedroom to get dressed and make myself presentable for the public, but not before my sister made a remark about me liking these friends of hers. Yeah, whatever.

After I had pulled on some capri skinnies and a white cutoff with a lacy neon green bandeau underneath, I slipped on some flip flops before heading towards the door.

"Bye Rory! Have fun!" My sister called from the kitchen, a smile in her voice.

"I'll try!" I answered back in a sarcastic tone before walking out the door, closing the dark red door tightly behind me.

Little did I know that this airport journey would be so amazing.


Two hours later, I was sitting in one of the blue plastic chairs in the waiting area in the airport, waiting for Flight 28 to be called.

As I was sitting there, I saw various people walking around the airport. Some were crying at the departure of their loved ones and some at their return. As I watched I saw something that made my heart ache in longing. There was a blonde haired girl with glasses who looked to be around thirteen wearing a white T-shirt that had five tally marks in black on it.

It was the symbol for the band Five Seconds of Summer. The boys in the band were some of my closest friends growing up and it's been about a year since I've seen them due to their touring with boy band One Direction. It reminded me of all the amazing moments we've shared over the years. Like the time Michael was dying his hair and accidentally dyed it a bright pink instead of dark blue. Or the time Ashton tried making popcorn for our legendary movie nights and ending up burning it. I remember laughing at him for weeks after that. I mean who burns microwaveable popcorn?

I hadn't realized how long i'd spaced out until I glanced at the clock, realized it had been a good half hour since I saw the with the band shirt. I also hadn't realized the flight I was waiting on had been called fifteen minutes ago. Well shit.

Just as I was about to get up and go into full panic mode, I heard someone call my name from behind me. Turning around, I found myself face-to-face with a blonde haired blue eyed boy.

Luke Hemmings.

Gasping in shock, I immediately ran towards him, hugging him tightly when I got to him.

"Luke! What the hell! Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" I inquired smacking his arm lightly as a goofy smile overtook my face.

"Renee was supposed to tell you! I'm assuming she just told you to come pick us up if you didn't already know." He said thoughtfully, a small smile gracing his lips, a lip ring glittering under the light.

"Holy shit did you get a lip ring?" I practically yelled, causing a few people to glance in our direction before returning to their own lives.

"Damn Rory! You should really calm down." Another voice said, coming up behind Luke and I.

"Calum!" I said happily as I hugged him as well.

"Rory!" He mimicked my voice horribly bad, causing me to laugh.

"Rory? Who is this Rory?" Michael said sarcastically, joining the reunion.

"Mikey!" I exclaimed happily, hugging him as well.

After a couple seconds, I noticed that the only other person missing was Ashton.

"Where's Ashton?" I asked curiously.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Luke said suggestively, giving me a wink as he said it, causing a blush to creep onto my cheeks.

"Wouldn't who like to know what?" Ashton asked coming up behind the boys who had formed a line opposite me which means that my short frame was blocked from view.

"Oh nothing. We were just talking to your best friend." Calum said happily, smiling brightly as Ashton looked confused.

"Wait. My best friend is Rory. I don't see her." He said and I giggled slightly at his confusion.

"That would be because I'm short compared to you freakishly tall boys.

"Rory!" He said, dropping his bags and scooping me up in his arms for a hug, spinning me around slightly.

"Hey Ashton." I said, hugging him tightly, my arms wrapped around his neck, sandy brown curls tickling my face.

"God I've missed you so much." He whispered.

"I missed you too. So much." I admitted quietly.

"Alright love birds. Let's go home before we vomit." Calum exclaimed in disgust as Ashton and I pulled apart, my face flushing at Calum's not so subtle hint to my feelings for Ashton. Not that he knew but still.

"Yeah. Let's go home." I said, leading them to the car and helping them with their bags before climbing in the drivers seat and started on the long journey home.

Today has been amazing.



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