The Wolf Inside Of Me

Rachel Clark is different. Technically speaking, so is everyone at her school. They all have superhuman abilities; those of a wolf. She got in a fight with her (former) best friend and becomes, quite literally, the 'lone wolf'. She soon figures out a dark secret. Read to find out!


5. 5. Alone Together

"My chest feels like it got run over a car. " I stated. Chance and I were at my house, packing my things because I was going to stay with him. Well, it was mostly chance doing all the work.

"Well I'm sorry. " he said sarcastically. I stuck out my tongue at him and he smiled. I didn't know why, but I felt a lot more comfortable with him. "Oh, yeah I forgot. My parents are at a business meeting for a few days. " he said randomly.

"Okay, " I said, not quite sure how to reply. He grabbed the last box and shut the truck. I climbed into the passenger seat as he started the car and we drove to his house.

"Wow. It's gorgeous!" I said as we drove up to his house. It was a 4 story mansion, with a lake and several Willow trees.

"Yeah. It's a family mansion, like we're not that rich," he said.

I laughed a little bit. "Yeah, but it's really pretty. You're sure your parents won't mind? "

"Positive. They'll love you. " he said reassuringly.

"Thanks," I said as I tried to pick up one of my bags, but dropped it because of my rib.

"I got it," he said as he picked up the bag.

I nodded and we went inside his beautiful house. There was a crystal chandelier in the main room, along with some big couches and a huge flat-screen tv.

We walked up the stairs and into his section of the house.

"Well I have 3 rooms, my quote 'chilling room' , my bedroom, and my bathroom. You can sleep in my 'chilling' room and I'll sleep in my bedroom. Ok?" He asked.

"Okay," I replied as he dropped my stuff down on the chilling room floor.

"Well I'm tired as hell, so goodnight!" He called as he went into his bedroom.

"Night," I said softly and he shut his door.

I got into my pajamas and laid down on the comfortable couch, and eventually sleep pulled me in.

Flashes of light poured from my veins as they were lashed open.

"Please! Stop!" I wailed, but he kept tearing at my skin, threatening to let the beast inside rip out of me. "STOP!"

And then everything turned red and I was falling.

I woke up in cold sweat, throat raw from screaming.

"Rachel! Are you okay ?" I heard. I immediately screamed more, I hadn't heard Chance enter the room.

"Chance..." I said as I began sobbing. I normally wasn't this emotional, but today had been rough, to say the least.

"Rachel, it's okay. "

"Can I.." I began.

"Yeah, come in here with me," he said as he helped me up and took me into his room.

I plopped down on his bed, exhausted.

"It was him, Chance. He was.."

"It's okay. You don't have to deal with him anymore. It's okay.." He said as he sat down next to me carefully and wrapped his arms around me as I shook and sobbed some more. "Shh.. It's gonna be okay. I have you.." He said as he laid me down and I nuzzled up against him.

"I love you," he whispered in my hair, and I looked up and then we were kissing.

At first it was just dry, but I felt everything inside of me collapse in that instant. He was here. With me. I was okay. I felt galaxies across his lips and saw them bursting in his eyes.

He began to climb on top of me, add more force to the kiss. I pushed him on top of me and all but begged for more.

This wasn't my first kiss, unfortunately. My first kiss belonged to a boy from 7th grade, behind the building after school had let out. It was a dare, but word got around.

We finally ended after he pushed himself away, both of us satisfied.

"You have no idea how long I've waited to do that," he whispered, his eyes darting between mine, my lips, and my neckline.

I laughed a little and pecked him on the lips. "I had no idea I wanted to do that," I replied. He smiled and kissed my nose. He then got down from on top of me and wrapped his arms around my waist again. I rested my head on top of his and I slept like that the entire time.

Nightmares did not return.

(Sorry it's a bit of a short chapter but it's cute and yeah.)

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