The Wolf Inside Of Me

Rachel Clark is different. Technically speaking, so is everyone at her school. They all have superhuman abilities; those of a wolf. She got in a fight with her (former) best friend and becomes, quite literally, the 'lone wolf'. She soon figures out a dark secret. Read to find out!


3. 3. Family Issues

-possible trigger warning-

The alarm clock woke me from my dreamless doze, my wolf senses making it seem blaring in my head. It was a very effective way of getting me up. I slammed my hand heavily on the alarm clock, and I heard the plastic crack a little. I looked at it and there were spiderwebs of cracks sprawled across it, thanks to my strength. I sighed and flipped my covers over on my dingy bed. I crossed over the room and picked out a light blue shirt and black jeans. I pulled the shirt over my head, and remembered I had softball practice.

I was really good at softball. Like, amazing. The star player. It was all because that I was a wolf-kid, my amazing strength and quickness. The only bad part was that Eliza was on my team.

I hate Eliza with a passion like fire. She used to be a sweet, shy girl, but now she was an atrocious 'popular'. Everyone in her pack was either super rich, pretty, or strong. It was repulsive.

When she first made the pack, it was just her. She got several other people before she tried to recruit me. Now, i know I'm not rich, like at all. But I'm not ugly or weak.

I have light, copper hair and a graceful aura, that comes from being tall and nimble. I had icy blue eyes and a strong build, complete with completely clear skin and a wolfy-nose almost. And of course, I'm very strong.

I sniffed the air, and of course I smelled something that stank of beer, cigarettes, and some other woman. My dad. I immediately went into defense mode. He was the only one who could overpower me. I felt something shift, maybe him getting out of bed. Crap.

I decided to risk it. Speed over stealth today. I grabbed my backpack and peeked out the door. I saw the door to his bedroom slam open and I winced. I slipped out of my door and prayed to every deity I knew of that he wouldn't see me.

"RACHEL!" He bellowed. Oh no...

"Yes sir..?" I said quietly.

"You know who makes me breakfast around here?" He asked. Oh no here it comes.

He was standing right in front of me now, and his stench was making me gag. He was tall, easily 6"3, and bald. He had a jet-black mustache and he was pretty fat, but he somehow still had a job. He used all of his money at poker games and for beer and hookers. I cowered in his shadow.

"Me.." I practically whispered.

"And where would that breakfast be?" He said. I could sense him getting ready to hit me.

"I... Haven't made it yet..." I said quietly. I felt him intake a breath and raise his hand. "Wait! I can make it right now!" I said louder.

"You damn better! " he said as he pushed me to the ground and stepped over me into the living room. I bit my lip. I hated doing what he asked. Maybe it was a teenager thing, maybe a wolf thing. I got up shakily. That was a close call.

I raced into the kitchen and cracked 3 eggs and fried them perfectly. I also made some bacon and set out some water and Advil. I sighed and grabbed my backpack and slowly went into the living room, where he was watching TV.

"Sir... Your breakfast is set out." I said. He looked up at me.

"And what did you fix me?" He asked. Oh crapcrapcrapcrap he doesn't like bacon on Tuesdays. He liked oatmeal.

"I accidentally cooked you bacon... I can fix you whatever you want now please..!" I pleaded as he got up to face me. He towered above me.

"How.." He asked," do you 'accidentally' cook me bacon?" He yelled. I tried to scramble away, but he grabbed my arm like an iron clasp.

"I forgot the day! I'll fix you oatmeal right now!" I pleaded again. I usually didn't mess up his food, but yesterday was a bit hectic. He hadn't been home for the weekend, some business trip or something.

He brought his hand back and punched me right in the nose. I gasped and used all of my wolf strength to try to get away, but somehow he was stronger. I felt blood trickle down my lip and I whimpered.

"I don't think you'll be going to school today." He said as he brought his hand back and slapped me. I yelped and tried again to get away, but his grip persevered. He hit me 3 more times and finally dropped me to the ground. I gasped and he kicked me in the ribs. I trembled as he kicked me again and again. I sometimes wished that I had a lower pain tolerance so I would just pass out. My entire body hurt. He picked me up by my arm and set me on my feet. For an instant, I was free. I attempted to bolt away, but no. He grabbed me and hit me twice more. I knew that if I tried to defend myself it would only get worse, so I let the torrents of pain come. He let go of me and I crumpled to the floor again. I knew that I would pass out soon. He kicked me again, and I felt something crack inside of me. A rib. I wailed in agony and he kicked me again in the same spot.

Finally, I passed out.

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