The Wolf Inside Of Me

Rachel Clark is different. Technically speaking, so is everyone at her school. They all have superhuman abilities; those of a wolf. She got in a fight with her (former) best friend and becomes, quite literally, the 'lone wolf'. She soon figures out a dark secret. Read to find out!


2. 2. My Beautiful Aunt

I had already texted my mom, telling her that I was hanging out with aunt Lynn after school. I got off the bus and walked over to her house, and opened the door to her house.

"Rachel! What's wrong? " she asked as soon as she saw me. She was the only person in my family that actually KNEW me. My parents just thought that I wasn't trying in school, even though I get A's and B's almost always. They always wanted a perfect daughter, and I didn't want to know what my parents would do if they found out I was a wolf child.

I plopped down on Aunt Lynn's couch and looked around the familiar room. She was extremely disorganized, so books and tea mugs were everywhere, along with bunches of pillows and blankets. It was extremely comforting and cozy, somehow.

"You know Anna? She joined-" my voice cracked." She joined Eliza's pack. "

"Oh, honey I'm so sorry. Why'd she join if she knew it were gonna be mad?" She asked.

"I don't know. " I sighed. She got up and hugged me.

"You know what you need? A good cup of tea. I'll be right back. " she said as she bustled off to the kitchen. Aunt Lynn was the best aunt ever. She totally understood me, and didn't call the government when she discovered I was a wolf kid. I really didn't know how it happened, maybe because she had studied wolves in Alaska for college. I didn't know, but she just somehow figured out.

"Here honey. Do you want to stay the night?" She asked, hanging me a warm mug with my favorite kind of tea in it. Steam was rising steadily from it as I took a sip, it was the perfect temperature.

"No thanks, aunt Lynn. I better go home. " I said.

"Hey, you go easy on your mom. She's really trying to help, but she just doesn't know okay? " she said. I nodded and grabbed the remote, turning on the television. We sat in comfortable silence as we sipped our teas and watched 'Doctor Who'.

After two episodes, I texted my mom that I was coming home, and walked down the sidewalk. Aunt Lynn only lived a block away from my house, but the brisk March air was still chilly. The cold didn't bother me that much, a wolfy thing I suppose.

I walked into our small house to be met by my mother. At least it wasn't my father...

My mother, you see, is what you would call 'strict'. Not the, "no you can't go to the party" kind; she's the kind that yells at you if she messes up and grounds you for not eating all your dinner. I mean I love her and all, she's just annoying. She's at least better than my dad.

"Aunt Lynn's house huh? What did you talk about? " she asked, eyebrows raised.

"Nothing, mom. " I murmured.

"What was that? " she asked.

"I said nothing mom, " I said louder. She huffed and walked away, muttering to herself. I growled under my breath. She was always suspicious of me. I stomped into my room and shut the door, then faceplanted onto my bed. I needed to eat. Being a wolf kid somehow meant that I had to eat about 2000 calories to stay healthy, but only eating that was considered underfed.

I walked out of the room and went digging through the fridge. I could eat raw meat without getting sick, but it didn't taste as good as cooked.

I tore open a package of Doritos instead, and took it to my room and ate it. I turned on the tv and flipped through the channels, and eventually fell asleep.

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