The Wolf Inside Of Me

Rachel Clark is different. Technically speaking, so is everyone at her school. They all have superhuman abilities; those of a wolf. She got in a fight with her (former) best friend and becomes, quite literally, the 'lone wolf'. She soon figures out a dark secret. Read to find out!


1. 1. An introduction

The roar of voices coming from all around me was deafening. Louder than usual, somehow, even with my enhanced hearing.

Oh, well I suppose you should know what I'm talking about. Well I , and everyone in my entire school, was born a 'superhuman'. We have special abilities, like of wolves. No, none of that shape shifting at the full moon or anything, we just have super enhanced senses and reactions. We do have wolf-like instincts, though. At my school, we have packs. The packs consist of about 10 kids each, with a pack leader in each. There were several kids like me, who didn't have a pack. Everyone I come across says I should be a pack leader, mostly because I'm the most 'wolf'iest of them all. Towards the end of the year, all of the pack leaders in each grade compete for the grade-pack leader, and then the pack leader for the entire school. It was a huge competition that had been going on since our master (or principal) had discovered what we were. Most of our parents didn't know, including mine. Only my aunt Lynn knew about who I was.

"Hey Rachel! " someone called. I looked up, pushing my copper-colored long hair out of my face.

"Hm?" I asked. I'm very shy, I just don't like talking.

"Eliza says, and I quote, 'screw you fake friend.'" Said Chance, running up behind me. Eliza was my best friend, but we got in this fight, and now we hate each other. Well she hates me, I'm over her and I just don't care. Chance and Eliza were still good friends, but Chance had taken my side during the fight. He was on my side.

"I don't care. " I said and walked off. Chance was okay, but honestly I was just upset that he'd talked to her. It was stupid, I know. He had his friends and I had mine I guess... I barged into math class and plopped my stuff down on the table farthest back. No one dared meet my icy blue eyes; they were all afraid of me.

See, I don't really have 'friends'. I have Chance, and he's okay. I did have Eliza , and I was actually starting to become friends with some of her other friends before we had the fight.

I thankfully didn't get called on during math and went on to third period, where I had one kind-of friend. Her name was Anna Topeaka, a tan skinned, tall girl with Amber eyes.

"Hey. " I said to her as I sat down at the table. She was a junior , one year ahead of me. Some of our classes were joined with the older or younger students. The master tries to keep packs varied.

"Hi Rachel. Guess what!" She exclaimed.

"What?" I asked, half interested.

"I got a pack!" She said. Anna had never had a pack before.

"What?! Who's pack?" I asked. She immediately gained interest in her shoelaces.

"Ummmm... It may or may not be Eliza's.." She trailed off. It hit me in the gut. Betrayal. A pack was an inseparable bond, and she had chosen Eliza over me. Strangely, I felt no tears come to my eyes. I nodded and walked over to an empty table. "Rachel wait!" Anna said as she stood up. I whipped around, a low growl escaping my throat. She did look genuinely sorry, and I could smell her slight fear of me. Even she knew I was the most wolfy person here. She looked at me with pleading eyes. "Look they invited me into the pack and i didn't know that it was Eliza's okay?"

"Everyone knows she's the head of that pack. " I said. I had smelled a hint of hesitation, which meant that she at least kind of knew that Eliza was the head of the pack.

"Look, let's just talk this out. Maybe you and Eliza can be frie-"

"I will NEVER be friends with her!" I said loudly. I now had the entire class's attention. The instructor was watching carefully; she knew not to interrupt a wolf fight, but she would jump in if things got serious.

"Never say never, Rachel. She's not a bad person, she just sometimes makes bad choices. " she said, trying to make her voice sound reasonable. I smelled her unsureness, though. And also her guilt.

"You're one to talk. We've been friends since 8th grade. And now you're going to abandon me for a girl you've known for a year. Thanks. " I said. I saw- more like felt- her tear ducts open and her eyes water. She was actually upset. I closed my eyes.

"Look, fine. Join her pack. I get it, I know. It's okay. " I said and I walked off. I felt her eyes on my back, pleading me to come back to her. I refused.

Now I really hate Eliza.

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