Lizzie Mallack has always been a decent kid. A-B student, got home on time. When she gets invited, more like forced to go to Black Smoke academy, she loses her best friends and boyfriend, Stephen. She sulks her way through the academy for ' perfect , well mannered and behaved ' children. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, her father dies , leaving her with the most haunting words imaginable. When an even more haunting, vivid dream occurs, she decides to find out exactly what is happening at Black Smoke Academy.


4. Leaving Here

For once in my life, I woke up on my own. No alarm clock, nothing. Great, I thought. Now I have to go to school. 

        I crawled out of bed and shuffled into the shower. I wondered what Stephen would say? What about Jullian and Maddy? God, I didn't even want to think about them. I had to concentrate on getting ready, not about my friends and stupid Black Smoke Academy. Now that I thought of it, it was a strange name for an academy. I got out of the shower quickly and dressed myself in a red tank top, black biker jacket, jeans, and combat boots.

        "Liz, you okay?" dad asked as I strutted across the kitchen to the fridge.

        "I'm fine." I replied abruptly as I shifted through the refrigerator for a water bottle. I grabbed a flavor packet from the cabinet door and emptied it into the water bottle. I shook it around as I grabbed my backpack and started to head out the door.

        "Are you sure? Don't you want to talk about this like adu-"

        "Bye." I interrupted as I stomped out the door and I walked to school. 

        I walked up to the school, a few minutes early. I didn't see Maddy, Jullian, or Stephen. Good. I decided I'd give them a day to chill, then we'd have to take the rest of the week and make it worthwhile. Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you're changing schools or something. I walked into Mrs. Maryl's classroom and plopped down. She raised an eyebrow at me, but didn't say a word. I grabbed my notebook and began to write. About everything and anything.

        I didn't know how much time had passed, but I felt Maddy sit down next to me. I looked up to see her big, brown eyes peering at me.

        "Yeah?" I asked. She smiled at me.

        "Yay! You're capable of talking! It's safe Jullian!" she called. Jullian practically appeared out of nowhere. I jumped, then smiled at myself. "Oh my God she's smiling too! It's a miracle !" Maddy cried.

        "Could you be any louder?" I asked. She laughed.

        "Look, we're just really sorry. We get that it wasn't your choice and that you really don't want to go there. It's okay, like we get it. We just don't want you to go" Maddy said. I smiled, for real this time. They understood.

        "Thanks. " I said.

        I was quite content the rest of the day.

        Friday came all too quickly. We had been able to go skydiving on Thursday, and also to the movies, we played 'messy twister', had a war with paint-filled water balloons. It was the most fun I'd had in a long time.

        "So, we all know that today was our dearest Lizzie's last day. I say that we meet up at my house and hang out for the rest of the evening. Maybe we could stay the night, but my dad might not let Stephen stay. All in favor, say I." proclaimed Maddy.

        "I," we all said in unison. Maddy clapped her hands together and smiled.

        "Right then. You all call your parents and tell them. I have something planned," she giggled. Despite myself, I laughed. Maddy's plans usually were the most (potentially) harmful to us, which was all the better. I got out my phone and texted my dad, and after waiting a minute decided he wouldn't respond.

        "My mom said I can go. I didn't tell her that I might be spending the night, but oh well. You're going, right?" asked Stephen. I looked up at him and nodded. His eyes lit up. "Great. Jullian, yeah?"

        "Yeah. I'm in." affirmed Jullian. Maddy bounced up and down.

        "Great! Let's go. " she said as she skipped off towards her house. We all followed.


        "Here it is!" Maddy squealed. "My dad and I have been working on it  since last summer. " In front of us was an amazing treehouse in the middle of some woods on her property. There was a giant tree that had a staircase that spiraled up into a large apartment-like structure with windows and a swing.

        Stephen whistled. "Wow. That's a mansion of treehouses. " 

        "Yeah. Well you guys wanna go inside? " she said giddily. I smiled and nodded.

        "Race ya!" Jullian called as she dashed toward the stairs. 

        "No fair! You got a head start!" I called as I raced after her. I ran up the stairs, right on Jullian's tail. Just as we got to the entrance, I leaped forward and tackled her to the floor. We ended up in a pile of laughs and mock-screams. Suddenly, Stephen walked in.

        "I think I'll just sit... HERE!' He called as he sat down heavily on top of us. Jullian and I screamed and pushed him, and he joined the pile. 

        "Um... You guys having fun there?" Maddy said as she walked in. I laughed and stood up, along with Stephen and Jullian. 

       " This is so cool!" I exclaimed as I took a survey of the room . Along the far wall, there  was a giant sofa and some beanbag chairs. There was a huge, flatscreen TV with a PS3 already plugged in. The left wall had a mini-fridge and a pool, airhockey, and ping-pong table. 

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