Lizzie Mallack has always been a decent kid. A-B student, got home on time. When she gets invited, more like forced to go to Black Smoke academy, she loses her best friends and boyfriend, Stephen. She sulks her way through the academy for ' perfect , well mannered and behaved ' children. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, her father dies , leaving her with the most haunting words imaginable. When an even more haunting, vivid dream occurs, she decides to find out exactly what is happening at Black Smoke Academy.


1. Imprisonment With A Pug

'In most stories I read, when the main character's parents aren't there, they tend to blame it on themselves. I don't understand that. Why would a parent leave their child if they didn't love them? Were they selfish? Scared? Too brave for their own good? ' I thought to myself in the empty abyss of sleep. Somehow, I knew I was dreaming. That I would wake up soon. This happened often, being aware that you're dreaming. I usually went into a good book's setting and just walked around. Although a lot of times I would end up in a dark abyss, like now. I felt something pulling at me and-

      I awoke to my usual song - Kings of Leon -Use Somebody and groaned inwardly. I hated Mondays. Thursday was always my favorite day. I rolled out of bed and went to go eat breakfast. I poured myself a bowl of Froot Loops and munched on them, still trying to wake my brain up. I went over to the bathroom , brushed my teeth, and tried to comb down my wild wavy hair. I decided to wear a graphic t-shirt, my worn out black leather jacket, jeans, and as usual , combat boots. I put on a small bit of makeup and really looked at myself in the mirror.
      My eyes were a pale hazel , sometimes a greyish-blueish color. My hair was black and more of a curly wavy than a straight wavy. I was very, very pale, and blush didn't ever help much. I was skinny , but I had more muscle than the average 14 year old. I was pretty tall, too. I was about 5'6. I tore my eyes away and headed out to start walking to my school.

      The bus rumbled past me as I made my last few steps into Greengate Middle School. My best friends , Maddy and Jullian , weren't there waiting on the steps for me. 
      " You look like hell,Lizzie. Are you ok?" asked Maddy.
      " Yeah. Terrible night's sleep. Got like 4 hours. " I groaned.
      " Awww. I'm sorry."

      " Here." said Jullian as she handed me an un-opened Monster energy drink .

      " Thanks." I said as I opened it and downed about half the bottle. The crisp , apple flavor instantly woke me up about 30%. I sighed. " We should probably get going. I don't want to piss Mrs.Maryl off again. "

      " Haha , but it was pretty funny. ' Y-YOU LITTLE - OUTSIDE ! N-NOW! ' " said Maddy , flawlessly intimidating  Mrs.Maryl . I laughed.
      " At least we didn't get suspended for super gluing all the markers and erasers to the board. Remember the look on her face! " I laughed , trying to copy her face, but failing because I was laughing too hard. Maddy , Jullian , and I were the best pranksters in the grade. Suddenly , the bell rung and we ran off to class.

      " Now , class , " said Mrs.Maryl , eying Maddy and me ," we're going to learn about misleading graphs, how to recognize one , and at the end of the week you'll get in a group and make one. " I yawned and Mrs.Maryl shot me a glare. I already knew everything there was to know about misleading graphs , so I tuned out and began to write down the most detailed description of the room I possibly could. I loved to write and read. Reading was my passion , and writing was my blood. Well , actually , not really my blood. I only lived with my Dad , and we never talked about Mom. He just told me that she was ' gone ' . Whatever that meant. I noticed Maddy looking over my shoulder.

      " Yeah? " I whispered to her. She looked up and winked at me. I looked at her , puzzled , then I looked down at the paper. Crap , I thought. I meant to be writing about the room , but I was writing down detailed stories about my boyfriend , Stephen , and me. "Crap..." I said just a little too loudly.

      " Ms . Mallack ? What's that you're writing ? " asked Mrs.Maryl. Double crap .

      " Umm... Nothing. Just ... uh ... notes." I am a terrible liar when I'm caught off guard . She eyed me suspiciously . I stared right back , I'm too strong to give into her icy stare.

      " Alright then. Let's continue ... " she said. I tuned her out again and shut up for the rest of class.
      " Hey , so this weekend Alex and I are going sky-diving. Do you and Jullian and Maddy want to join? " asked Stephen. My eyes lit up with the thought of adrenalin and excitement. 

      " Yes! Well , Maddy's afraid of heights , but Jullian and I can come. How about Jullian comes to my house and Alex picks us up. " I said , kind of blabbering. Alex was Stephen's older brother , and Jullian had a HUGE crush on him , even though he was 17 and she was 14. He smiled.

      " Great! So how about 1-ish. " he asked. I nodded my head vigorously and took his hand.

      " Ok , so how about first we go get some ice-cream , then we wait 30 minutes , of course. Then we head out! This is going to be sooooo fun! Do we have to do it in teams ? What time will we be back? What should I wear? " I asked quickly.

      " Woah , slow down , " he laughed. " Since there's going to be four of us , we could do it together or in twos. Um.. We'll be back around two-thirty. And just not a dress or a skirt thingy. "  I laughed. I would never EVER wear a 'skirt thingy ' to anything. Suddenly , Jullian walked up and I told her about skydiving this weekend. She squealed when I mentioned Alex. The funny thing was that Alex had no clue that she even knew he existed. It was awkward to watch them talk. They never looked eachother , just kind of murmured and fake-laughed.

      " Ok guys, this is going to be AWESOME! " I laughed. " I just hope Maddy won't be upset. "

      Suddenly , the bell rung and we were off to class.
      As soon as I got home , I planned to finish my homework , tell Dad about skydiving , eat , play on the Wii , then go to bed with a book , paper , and pen. I walked up the first two steps and could tell that something was wrong. I slowly approached the doorway , unsure if I should go in this way or the back door. I turned the handle and pushed the door open to reveal the most repulsive woman I've ever seen.  She had very short , obviously died blonde hair. She was pale with a bit too much makeup on. She was in a solid black , long coat , even though it was spring. Her dark red lips were pursed in an annoyed manner as she looked up at me with dull , lifeless , puke-green eyes. I managed to smile and ask my Dad as politely as I could , " Dad , you didn't say we were having company. Who mi-"

      " Hello , Elizabeth. I'm Ms.Welkin. Would you mind going to your room to let the adults talk alone ? " she asked in a British accent. I furiously fought down the need to roll my eyes as I nodded and went down the hallway. I opened the door and shut it, to make it seem as if I had actually gone into my room , when I was actually hiding in the hallway.  " Now , where were we, oh , yes.  She will be sharing a dorm room with two other girls between the ages of 12-16. She will have her own bed and her own clothes, so she needn't pack anything. She can bring a small bag full of personal items as long as they are approved. She will get one phone call per week for 20 minutes. There are no electronics , either. She will have her normal classes, Language , Math , those sorts of things. In our Black Smoke Academy , we have beauty classes , manners , posture and poise , and behavioral classes.Black Smoke Academy truly is a great school and I'm sure she will enjoy it very much. Do you have any questions Mr. Mallack ?" 

      " Um , yes. One , actually. When and how long will I be able to see her ? " Dad asked. Dad's actually considering this ? I thought.

      " For two weeks in July. The perfect amount so she won't forget anything , but long enough for her to relax. You can pull her out at any time in these two weeks , but you can't pull her out in the middle of the year , I'm afraid. "

      " Alright. Well, I'll break the news to Lizzie that she's going. What time will you come to pick her up? " he asked.

      " About 1 o'clock on Saturday. I'll see you and Elizabeth then! " she said. I heard her get up and walk out the door. No , this can't be. I'm dreaming. I can't leave my friends! Tears started to swell in my eyes as a million ways to tell my friends I would be going to this stupid school.


      " Lizzie, I thought Ms.Welkin told you to go to your room. " he said in a deadly calm voice.

      " Dad! Don't tell me you're going to actually c-" my voice cracked," considering this! Please , Dad, don't make me go!"

      " Lizzie! You are going and that's final. Now go to your room until I call you for supper. Go! " he yelled. Dad never yelled. I started bawling and ran off to my room. When Dad called me down for dinner, he tried talking to me , but I ignored him and ate very quickly. I ran straight to bed and cried some more. How could he do this to me? Why is he making me go? These thoughts tortured my mind as I cried myself asleep until sunrise.


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