The tiara club


1. The Twins

"I just WISH I knew where it was," Amy said for about the twentieth time that morning, and Chloe,  Olivia  and I nodded sympathetically. We were sitting in the homework room trying to finish our math, but Amy had lost her watch and we weren't really concentrating. "Could you have left it in the cloakroom?" Olivia asked. Amy shook her head. "I've looked EVERYWHERE. It's completely disappeared." I was about to suggest looking in her pockets when Lauren rushed in. "have you heard?" she asked. "There's going to be a Festival of Friendship! Fairy G told me! And there's a competition before that too! We've got to think of something special to do for our friends, and the dormitory with the best idea gets to ride at the head of a Friendship Procession all the way round town!" "ride?" Chloe sat up very straight. "You mean, actually riding on a pony?" Lauren nodded, and her eyes were sparkling. "Isn't it just BRILLIANT? The stables are just FULL of the sweetest little dapple grey ponies - oops!" Lauren clapped her hand over her mouth. "Fairy G told me not to tell! it's meant to be a suprise! Oh, we absolutely HAVE to win! Do hurry up, and then we can make our plans!" And she dashed off again. We looked at each other. "it does sound amazing," I said. "Dapple grey ponies! Won't they be gorgeous?" "And we ought to win, because we poppy roomers are the best friends EVER,"  Olivia added. Chloe sucked the end of her pencil. "I hope the ponies aren't too frisky. Just imagine falling off in front of a whole crowd of people! Wouldn't it be mortifying?" "You'll be OK," I said. "Riding's easy!" Amy looked at me. "Actually," she said, "it isn't easy if you're scared." She bit her lip. "Can I tell you a secret?  I fell off a pony when i was little and i've been terrified of riding ever since. I still have nightmares about was HORRIBLE!" "Didn't they make you get straight back on?" I asked. "they did for me." Amy turned very pink. "my mother wouldn't let me." she said.  "And PLEASE don't tell anyone else! please! if we win I'm going to try REALLY hard to be brave..." Of course we all promised. Perfect Princesses NEVER tell each other's secrets. Actually, Fairy G would never make you ride unless you wanted to," Chloe said. (Fairy G's our Fairy GodMother, and she looks after us.) "And we may not win anyway. Let's get this homework finished, and then we can meet up with Lauren and Georgia and think of some ideas." "And ask them if they've found my watch," Amy added. "Although I dont think I will ever see it again." I looked at my math book, and groaned. "How on EARTH am i supposed to know how much the to clean the palace windows?" "what about putting, 'it depends on how many windows there are?'" Olivia suggested. "I think that's really clever," I said. The others agreed, and we tidied our notebooks into our lockers and hurried off. I was last, and it was only as i was about to go through the door that i noticed the twins. They were lurking in the corrner of the homework room, almost hidden behind a bookcase. They were wispering together, and looking SO pleased with themselves. I coulden't help thinking they'ed been spying on us, but i told myself, " A perfect princess always thinks the best of others." I ran after my friends - and tripped over th rug as i reached the corridor. WHAM!  It took my breath away, and i felt SO silly. I picked myself up as quickly as i could, and thats when i saw Amy's watch sitting in the corrner. i let out a whoop of joy - Amy would be THRILLED to see it again! I put it in my pocket, dusted myself down and zoomed off.

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