Thalia Hansworth is a shy, but incredibly intelligent girl with only 2 friends. After she realizes that snow doesn't melt on her hand, and she doesn't get cold, she finds out that she's a Resister. She can, after lots of practice, learn how to resist everything. Even pain. There is also someone stalking her and her friends, most likely for her powers. Who are these people? What will she do with these powers? And what is that weird, dark smoke that she keeps seeing?


1. School

Flying. I was in an airplane. I could see the top of the clouds. Suddenly, we were falling rapidly through the air. I screeched as we plummeted towards the forbidding earth. I closed my eyes and embraced death.


I woke up drenched in sweat. It was a dream, it told myself, trying to shake off the nightmare. It's also a.. Um... Thursday! I had school today! I gasped aloud as I spun around to look at the time. Just by the light outside, I could tell it was late. 8:20. The bus comes at 8:28. I scrambled out of bed, tripping on my pillow that had been carelessly tossed onto the ground. I pulled on a loose tshirt (which I realized later was inside out) , some jeans, and a pair of sneakers. I dashed out of my room and into the kitchen.

"Bye mom!" I called as I grabbed a muffin from a plate on the table.

"Bye Thalia! Be safe!" She called back. I grabbed my bag and my book I had been reading. I ran out the door as I shoved the entire muffin in my mouth and check the time. 8:27. Perfect. I pulled out a small mirror and redid my messy, dark hair that lay covering my face. The bus pulled up quickly and I got on, and sat next to my best, and only friend (besides Ash, my kind-of boyfriend), Chloe.

We both started talking normal girl talk, how ash had a crush on me and I liked him too, and her crush Justin, who didn't know that Chloe even existed.

We got off the bus about 10 minutes later and entered Redwood Middle School. Chloe waved goodbye and dashed to her locker as we went into the 7th grade hallway. I unlocked my locker and grabbed my notebook and homework and ran into math class just before the bell ring. I smiled gratefully and took a seat a few seats away from Ash.

The ever-so-dull math class begun- and a mere 5 minutes later a slip of paper is handed to me. I could tell by the neatly creased folds of the note that it was from Ash. He was so old school. I smiled and shook my head as I unfolded the note carefully. It read---


So I was thinking that you and I can hang out after school at the park. You up for it?


I glanced over at him, but he wasn't looking at me. He was paying attention like a good little boy. I wrote back in messy handwriting ---

Sure. Sounds cool. But what time?


I folded it back and passed it to the person next to me. It gets passed back to him and I studied him as he read it. He had dark, straight chocolate colored hair with the faintest honey-colored highlights. He had dominant cheekbones and freckles and dimples whenever he smiled. He also had light, sky colored eyes that were scanning the page as I analyzed him in about 3 seconds before he scribbled something back. I saw him pass it to the person next to him and people were staring at us now. I got the note back and it read---

We can stay after school and immediately go to the park. It's only about a mile away. You can text your mom whenever you want to be picked up. Okay?


I smiled a little and looked over at him and just nodded- clutching the note. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

About an hour passed where I had to pretend to pay attention before the bell rung and I rushed out the door. I spotted Chloe and practically sprinted to her.

"You're not gonna believe this!" I squealed.

"What? " she asked.

"Ash asked me out! Sorta. Well he asked if I wanted to hang out after school and- oh nevermind. Just read this and give it back to me after class. " I said as I shoved the note at her and ran off to English class.

After English was Science. I rushed into the small, overcrowded leafy green painted classroom and took a seat in my usual desk. Questions instantly filled up my mind. What if Chloe lost the note? What if I don't go? Ha; like I wasn't going to go. It's Ash we're talking about here!

I counted the classes until the end of school- after science was Lunch, then Geography, then gym, and finally band. I loved band , but I hoped it went by quickly.

Lunch and geography went by and I found myself at gym. I fixed my hair and did the running we were supposed to do and went to band. Everything seemed to be flying around me- maybe because of anticipation. Band passed and I was at the door. I rubbed my sweating hands on my jeans and tucked my long, dark hair behind my ear. I heard footsteps and my pulse quickened- it had to be him.

Ash appeared around a corner, smiling shyly.

"Hey. You ready?" He asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I said as he took my hand and we went out the door, together.

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