I Am Merida

Working at Disneyland isn't all it's cracked up to be, you're gonna have to trust me on that one. I play Princess Merida and this is my story.


1. Chapter One

AN: This story can also be found on wattpad, but don't worry it's the same author here :) *waves*

Working at Disneyland isn't all it's cracked up to be, you're gonna have to trust me on that one. I play Princess Merida and this is my story.

AN: For the sake of my story, not all characters will be where they are supposed to be in this story, in regards to where they usually hang out in the park. Any and all Disney characters do not belong to me etc etc.

Also characters such as Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland etc will be referred to as their actor names occasionally until they are fully in character.

Chapter One

I yawned as I got into my car, it was about five in the morning and it was time for me to get to work. I had what most would consider the best job in the world, I worked at Walt Disney World Resort as one of the characters, a relatively new one, Merida the Scottish princess. And I have to say, keeping up the accent was without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.

If I slipped out of the accent, trust me you would definitely hear about it from someone, whether it be a child or their parent. It wasn't a nice feeling to be told you were going out of character. I sighed and brushed these thoughts out of my head, mentally reminding myself that it wouldn't happen again, I was good at the accent by now.

I had been working there for six months now, if I hadn't been good at the accent surely I would have been fired in my first week.

It was taxing on my vocal chords though. Never mind, I shook my head and started the engine cursing myself for falling into a daydream and losing time that should have been spent driving. I had an hours drive ahead of me and already I was bored.

I turned the radio on and cranked it to a high volume, but still respectable enough that I wouldn't wake up my neighbours, the man across the street would never let me hear the end of it. What a dick. I rubbed my eyes and put the car in reverse, packing out of the driveway of the garage that my apartment building owned before driving to work.

I pulled into the magic kingdom at around six am. I parked in the employee car park and got out of my car, making my way over to the entrance and smiled at Sam the security guard.

"Hiya darling." He said in his lovely Georgian accent, slurring his words slightly in the strange way that he does.

"Hi Sam." I waved and was let through the gate, happily making my way to the changing rooms where I would be given my fresh costume for the day. I took my dress from Rachel, one of the costume assistants who helped make sure everything fit properly, she helped me tie the back of it as I struggled to pull it together.

"Breathe in a bit please." She asked, I did so and together we managed to close it.

"Maybe tomorrow, it could be a bit looser." I asked, finding it slightly harder to breathe. "Thanks babe." I patted her hand as she let go of me before ushering me into hair and make-up where I had to put on the biggest wig I'd ever seen in my life. It was a fiery red, the same as my own hair colour luckily enough, I had been told the only reason I even needed a wig in the first place was because Merida's hair was so wild that it would have been really difficult to keep my natural hair in the same state for the entire day.

I had chosen to wear the wig instead of faffing about when I didn't need to. And could you imagine the amount of product I'd have to use? My hair would die, I think.

Once the wig was in place, Susan the make-up artist started on my face. I closed my eyes as she began to gently apply all of the crap that I didn't really want to my face.

"Did you have a good day yesterday?" I peeked through an eyelid to see the actress who played Alice, from Alice in Wonderland beaming at me from her spot next to me, she was already decked out in her blue dress and blonde wig and was in the same situation as me, getting a load of stuff caked on her face. For the full outfit changing and putting on make-up it took around two hours for a single character to get ready, probably less if you were male.

I grinned at her. "Yeah I did, it was amazing Caroline you would have loved it." It was one of my friends birthday's and a huge group of us had gone to New York to see one of her all time favourite plays, Wicked. "I am absolutely exhausted though, she wanted to see everything so that's what we did." I laughed.

Caroline laughed along with me but we were both quickly shushed by our respective make-up artists. I closed my eyes again and waited for her to finish.

"There you go, love." Susan said in her lovely British accent, shooing me off of the chair as the actress who played Ariel plopped into my now vacant chair, she smiled at me and I was about to start talking to her when I was pulled out of the room.

Rebecca, head of entertainment for the Magic Kingdom was standing in front of me. "Hi Charlotte, here is your schedule for today." I smiled and took it from her. "It starts with the parade at nine thirty and then you're gonna be placed around Fantasyland as usual, but at around one, I'm gonna need you to head over to the Fairytale Garden. Alex with be wandering around as well, so if you could try not to shout at him like last time that would be great." She ended it with a chuckle that told me she really wasn't that bothered by it.

I pouted jokingly. "Aww, but you know the kids love seeing me chase him around." It was true, I usually got cheers when I caught up with him. "Princess Merida chasing Peter Pan, that's like once in a lifetime you'll see that."

She raised an eyebrow. "I see that everyday."

"Not everyday." I protested, pushing some of the wild red hair out of my face. "I didn't yesterday."

"You weren't here yesterday." She said, smiling at me before pushing me out of the door.

I huffed, readjusting my dress. "Bit rude." I hated wearing this dress, I wasn't really one for dresses, you would usually find me in jeans and a tee, with some chucks thrown in for good measure but a jobs a job and sometimes you had to do things you didn't really like. In my case it was wearing this dress.

I had to admit though, that I looked pretty good in it, and the massive wig. Only a few people could pull it off and as I looked in one of the windows to see my reflection I wondered if this was one of the reasons I was hired.

At around eight, I wandered over to the staff cafeteria and grabbed some breakfast to calm the beast that was becoming known as my stomach. I sat down next to Caroline, who smiled up at me.

"Hey, where have you been?" She asked, stuffing some grapes into her mouth.

I shrugged and stole one of her grapes. "Just walking over here." I had taken my time to get there, seeing as the faster I got there the faster I would be greeted by Alex. I realised I'd forgotten to get a spoon so with a sigh I heaved myself up from the table, making sure to mind my dress, walked past Mickey and Minnie mouse and grabbed one. I came back to the table and to my disgust Alex was there, dressed like Peter Pan as always. I rolled my eyes to the ceiling before I calmly walked over.

And by calmly, I meant fuming on the inside. I sat down on my chair, scooting a bit further away from where Alex was sat next to me and dug into my cereal, making sure to get nothing down my costume or in my insane wig.

"Hi." I ignored him and could tell that annoyed him. "I said... HI!" He jumped up to sit on the table in front of me. I sighed before looking up at him, feeling even more irritated when I saw how good he looked today. How he could pull off green tights was anybodies guess.

"Hi Alex." I droned, spooning another mouthful of cereal into my mouth, chewing slowly so I wouldn't have to say anything else to him.

He frowned down at me, pulling those puppy dog eyes that got so many girls to swoon over him. "So you weren't here yesterday? Where were you?" He asked, leaning down so that he was leaning on his leg and was about eye level with me.

I smiled thinly. "I don't think that's any of your business." I know some people might think I was a bit harsh with him, but anyone who originally thought so would see how he was during work hours and could figure out why I didn't like to talk to him too much.

He pouted at me, "Aww, but I missed you." He said, putting on his cutesy Peter voice. I could tell he was half in character but the childish way he was acting. I rolled my eyes at him, and decided since he was getting into character I might as well do the same.

The Scottish accent that flowed through my lips was a lot better than the first time I started working here, a fact I was extremely proud of as I think I mentioned earlier. "I didn't miss you." He grinned as he heard the voice but quickly frowned at my words.

His voice went full Peter. "What do you mean you didn't miss me? Everyone misses me!" He proclaimed, stealing my cereal and chugging it down. I was surprised that he wasn't choking because there was still actual cereal in there.

He must be part snake.

He slammed the bowl back down and grinned at me, obviously feeling the milk running down his chin because he soon wiped his hand over his face, getting rid of it. "Thanks for that." He said, wiping his hand on his costume and lent over to me. "I'll see you later, and we'll see how much you missed me." He winked and jumped off the table, running along to start his day.

I looked at the clock and groaned, knowing why he actually left me alone. It was time to start work. I scratched under the wig and ignored Caroline's look, knowing she was dying to say something to me but was waiting until I looked at her before she did so. She had such good manners, too bad it wasn't going to work on me this time, I knew her tricks by now.

"Right, I gotta go, you know how long it takes me to walk over to the castle." She nodded and went to put her tray away.

"Okay, I'll see you after the parade?" She asked as she came back, linking her arm in mine as we were jostled through all the characters who were also trying to get out of the doors.

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to high tail it over to the Fairytale Gardens if I'm gonna make it on time, the parade is supposed to be on for about thirty minutes but you know it always overruns." I sighed and checked myself in the mirror, tugging on my wig a bit making sure it was going to stay there for the entire day.

I smiled and said my goodbyes to Caroline, following Snow White and Cinderella over to the backstage area inside Cinderella's castle. I climbed up the stairs, flashed a smile at a few other crew members before I was spoken to.

It was Rebecca again, she was wearing a headset this time however, clearly listening to the person on the other side and trying to speak to me at the same time. "I'm glad your wearing that dress, it means your not gonna have to change for this. I want you on the fourth float, it's been updated a bit so instead of just you on there, you're gonna have a few mechanical bears on there with you."

I blinked slowly. "Mechanical bears?" The Scottish accent was still going strong.

She smiled and nodded before going off to talk to whoever was yapping in her ears. "Yes, I've told her. I told you there wouldn't be an issue, she is a professional." She was soon out of earshot going to talk to Pluto and Donald Duck. I now had no choice but to just go and find my float, wondering what the bears were going to look like.

I soon found it, my float was the one with two tiers covered in greens and blues to signal the medieval theme of Brave the movie. There was a castle surrounding the top tier which it the one I was to be dancing on top of, with the mechanical bear coming up to where the top tier began, I watched in fascination as the bear swung it's head to and fro, the bow on it's head made it seem comical. I climbed up onto my tier with help from some of the other employee's and sat down.

I watched as my three little brothers clambered up and situated themselves in the correct positions. The acrobats and dancers, I could see, were also getting into position so I knew that it was going to start soon. As a Disney character they didn't allow us to have watches, especially those of us who are supposed to be in different times like myself and Caroline, who was Alice in Wonderland.

"Everyone ready?" Rebecca shouted, grinning when she heard the shouts of confirmation reach her ears. "Okay, let's get this parade started! I want to see energy people!" I stood up, grabbing the bow that had been left for me and started preparing myself to start my routine as I saw the first few floats start to move. I grabbed onto the wall of the float to steady myself as I also began to move.

I heard a crow behind me, grimacing when I realised what that meant and sure enough on the float right behind me was Peter Pan. He waved to me as he caught me looking but I ignored him and casually pretended I was just looking around. When the sunlight hit my face and I could hear the cheers of the early morning theme park goers, I started to dance.

Nothing too extravagant, not since Belle had fallen off her float last year, but still I swayed side to side, jumped about a bit and waved to all the small children who were screaming my name. The mechanical bear was doing it's thing, but just to be sure I stayed a little bit away from it. I didn't quite trust robotic things which was ironic because I worked around all these roller coasters and rides.

"Look mommy it's Princess Merida! She's got her bow!" I heard a little girl scream, and with a big grin on my face I bought my bow to the front of my body and posed with it a few times. I could hardly see because it was so bright and there were camera's flashing left, right and centre, but somehow I managed to not lose my sight and make it to the end of the parade.

Once we were all safely back in the castle and the floats were stopped we were allowed to get off. I hopped down from my tier and climbed down, waiting for my 'little brothers' to get off first. I was about to get off when Alex bounded over to me, his wig and hat just barely staying in place.

"Where are you stationed today?" He asked. This was a question he asked me everyday since I started working here and everyday I said the same thing in reply.

"Fantasyland." He nodded as if I'd said something new. I rolled my eyes and shuffled over to the edge of the float, about to get down when Alex grabbed me on both sides and gently lifted me off the float. "Uh, thanks." I muttered, pushing his chest so he would back up and allow me to breathe.

He grinned at me, a little dimple appearing in his left cheek. "You're welcome." He ruffled my wig, ignored my hand trying to slap him away, leant forwards and kissed me on the cheek. I completely froze, he'd never done that before.

I slowly looked up at him but he was gone. I saw a flash of green in the distance and realised that he must have ran away so I couldn't shout at him. Usually I would have ran after him but I was still a little too confused to even move. It wasn't until Rebecca started walking towards me that I remembered I had places to be.

I smiled sheepishly at her and picked up my dress and ran out of the castle, slowing to a walk as tourists and visitors came into view. I smiled at all of the children, hoping to God that Alex hadn't messed up my wig and walked over to Fantasyland. I was stopped constantly along the way which didn't really surprise me, Brave hadn't really been out that long but most people have seen it. I was the new princess.

"Can we get a picture?" An older man said, motioning towards his daughter.

I smiled at them. "O' course ya can." The accent was going strong. "Hi, I'm Merida." I greeted, squatting next to the little girl. "Who are you?"

"Sabrina." She whispered, smiling cutely up at me, clearly nervous to be talking to me.

"That's a pretty name." I said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer to me for a moment as her Dad took the picture. I then noticed the autograph book in her hands. "You want me to sign that for ya?" She nodded shyly.

"Yes please."

I took it from her and the pen, biting the end of it off and scrawling the signature the way I was taught to, put the lid back on and gave it to her with a big toothy smile, which grew when she started laughing.

She quickly left me to go see her Dad and show him the autograph, I turned to walk over to where I was supposed to be but I was stopped yet again.

It took me two hours to do what was supposed to be a five-ten minute walk. Rebecca would probably try and kill me but she couldn't get mad at me for doing my job. I reached the fairytale garden just in time as the clock sounded another hour passed. It was around one now, my day was half over.

I spotted Peter Pan over at the Mad Hatter's tea party, talking to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I could just about see them from here, the trees were kind of blocking my view but I could still see him running around them and chatting to children.

I saw the sign that proudly displayed 'Brave – Meet Merida Today!', I walked past it and saw my set. It was pretty awesome, there was a huge station wagon filled with all sort of cool things, there was a bullseye where I could practice shooting my arrows and inside three barrels were three little bears who would move whenever someone interacted with them, making a cute noise that would soon become annoying.

I sat down on my bench and was almost immediately approached by a group of teenagers, I smiled as they approached. They were a group of girls around sixteen to eighteen years old, one was holding a camera, I think she was recording me, while the others were just hanging around.

"Hi." I spoke first. "I'm Merida." I said proudly, puffing out my chest slightly and pulling a standard hero pose, hands on hips. "Who are you?" I switched the bow I was holding to the other hand as they pushed one of their friends forward. "No need to be shy lass, I'm not gonna bite ya." I joked, leaning on my bow and smiling bemusedly.

"Hi Merida." The small blonde waved. I took one hand off the bow and waved back. "We were wondering if we could have a picture?"

"Course ya can." I slung the bow over my shoulders as she walked over to me. I assumed it was just her that wanted a picture so I smiled happily as the flash went off, blinding me for a second. When my vision came back, they were still in front of me. "Ya want me to sign something for ya?" I asked, wondering what else they wanted.

One of the brunettes came forward this time and handed me a piece of paper and a pen. This was slightly odd because usually I was given a book so that I could lean on it but this caused me a slight dilemma. "Hmm." I exaggerated tapping my chin in thought. "Turn around." I told the girl, leaning on her back as I signed her paper. I capped the pen and tapped her shoulder. "All done, lass. Here ya go."

She turned around and took the paper from me, before she looked into a camera, almost too late I smiled as I realised what was going on. Now I knew that they all wanted a separate picture with me. "Hey Merida, where are your brothers?" One of them asked.

I smiled and shrugged. "I don't know, but I have something else instead. These wee bear cubs followed me today." I pointed over to the mechanical bears, who suddenly perked up and started making noises. The girl who was recording moved over to get a better look at them. "I wouldn't get too close lass, I know I said I don't bite but I don't know about them." I joked again. I paused and lent on my bow again, looking at the four girls. "What did you say your names were?"

The blonde one spoke. "I'm Kat, this is Sallie," she pointed to the the taller brunette who was recording still, "this is Shannon," She motioned to the smaller brunette," and this is Jamie." She pulled the short girl with black hair towards her.

"Jamie?" I questioned. "Isn't that a boy's name?" I teased. Jamie flushed red but smiled at me nonetheless, I could tell she was just shy. "Did you want a picture?" I asked her. She nodded shyly. "With my wee bear cubs as well?" She nodded again. I posed like a body builder showing off their biceps and motioned for her to do the same. I smiled at the camera until Shannon lowered it.

"Got it." I asked.

"Yup." Jamie moved over to Shannon and peeked at the camera, taking it from her when Shannon moved forward to stand next to me. I put my arm around her shoulders and smiled, waiting a beat for the camera to take the picture before moving away. The only one that didn't seem to want to take a picture with me was the one who was recording, Sallie, I think her name was.

"Do ya not want a picture?" I asked, she shook her head.

"I'm more of a behind the scenes person." She explained.

"Behind the scenes?" I asked incredulously. "Behind the scenes o' what?"

Sallie looked at the other girls before answering. "We have a youtube channel where we put up all of our visits to disneyland so everyone can see them."

"Youtube?" I asked. "What's that."

They went on to try and explain it to me, I of course knew what it was and was planning on looking it up when I got home, but of course Merida didn't know anything about the internet. Once they stopped talking I finally got a word in, seeing loads of little kids surrounding us.

"Does anyone want to play a game with me?" I asked, smiling out into the crowd.

"I do! I do!" I heard many voices shout back at me, the one that stood out the most though was Peter Pan's who appeared out of nowhere. I motioned for him to come and stand by me, I know I didn't really like him but the kids didn't have to know that.

"Oh my God it's Peter Pan!" I heard one of the girls say. I desperately wanted to roll my eyes but I held it in.

"Hi!" He waved at everyone, smiling happily as he lent one elbow on my shoulder.

"Right the game!" I clapped my hands and walked forward a bit, making him drop his arm. "On the count of three we're going to shout surprise at my wee bear cubs." I made eye contact with a few people to let that sink in. "Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yeah!" Peter punched the air and jumped into the crowd of children.

I started my countdown and when I reached three, everyone shouted "Surprise!" The three bear cubs immediately dove down behind their separate barrels with yelps. The children were laughing along with Peter.

"Good one Merida!" I smiled and laughed.

"Aww, come on out wee bears it's alright." I coaxed the three cubs back out of their barrels where they made funny and cute noises. I laughed as their faces changed slightly and they shook their heads at me.

"They sure are cute." Peter commented, standing next to me.

I nodded. "I know, they just followed me here today." I waved at one of them, who made a happy noise back at me.

I felt a tug on my dress and turned around to see a little boy giving me puppy dog eyes. "Can I get a picture with you and Peter?" I looked at Peter and nodded, mentally hoping he wasn't going to pull anything because I had a long line of people waiting to meet me.

"O' course you can, love." I wrapped an arm around his shoulders and Peter put his hand on the boys shoulder, wrapping one hand around my waist. I wanted to glare at him but I had to smile and wait for the picture to be taken.

"Just one more." The parents asked, I had begun moving away but went back and smiled again. These people will never know the torture they've just put me through. I smiled again and moved away as the picture was done, but sure enough more people were asking for pictures with the two of us. I suppose it's because it's like a two for one deal.

I noticed the girls from earlier were still hanging around and I was quite impressed with their patience so when the line had finally gone down I left Peter chatting to some kids and went over to talk to them.

"What have you guys been up to today?" I asked, standing over the shoulder of the one with the camera and saw pictures of myself and their friends. "I look quite good." I said cheekily, watching as they spun around to face me.

Sallie quickly brought her camera up to her face and started recording me again. I pretended as if the camera wasn't there and looked at her face instead. "Not a lot." They replied.

"Not a lot?" I asked shocked. "Well we need to change that." I motioned them over to where there were some arrow shooting practices going on. "Have a go on that and see if you can beat my best score."

"What's your best score?" Kat asked, walking alongside me as I led the way.

"I once split an arrow in half with another arrow, both on the bullseye." I bragged. Merida was a very good shot and that meant so was I.

"That's true." Peter said, popping back up and scaring the girls, which then made them giggle. "She told me the story. I like stories." He took the bow and shot the arrow, making it go all the way to the bullseye, the arrows we used wouldn't stick into the target because it was too dangerous for children so instead there was a padded end that would hit the target.

"Whoa! Good shot Peter!" Kat exclaimed.

I took my own bow from my back and hit the target as well, beaming when I got a round of applause from the crowd who were still there. Peter didn't get as much applause and this satisfied me enough to not want to hit him.

I was about to put my bow back but someone snatched it from my hands. "Peter Pan, if you don't give that back in five seconds there's going to be some serious trouble!"

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