Kane Amory VS The World

Kane Amory wakes up in a room unsure of of what he is doing there . Then He finds Out . He has a long road ahead of him if he wants to survive.
Short Story made for a competition :)
My first story hope you enjoy :)


8. The results

Groggily I woke up and turned over. It took about a minute for me to remember where I am, sit bolt upright in bed, grab my shoes at the end of my bed, put them on and try to find the exit. There was a door but I knew it would be locked. I also knew that ULTRA would be watching so I shout out into the room.

“Can I go now? Did you get your stupid results?” Anger is burning inside me causing me to clench my hands into fists. What they had put me through had to be against the law.

“Yes thank you Kane we found out a lot about what makes you so defensive and different. It was especially interesting to see how you brain reacted to being under attack.” The man spoke as If I  am just a animal in which it is fun to provoke.

“I'm glad you enjoyed nearly killing me" I say sarcastically and as loud as I dare.

The man continued as though he hadn’t heard anything. “That serum was intended to put you through the worst pain possible until it killed you, unless you found a way to defeat it. After 5 minutes the serum causes your brain to become unable to cope and thus it would shut down and you would die. You, I can safely say stopped it in 2 minutes and 36 seconds. The fastest time we have ever had.”

This shook me. They had done this before, but to whom? I wondered curiously making my mind spin.

“I can also safely say that you are nowhere near done with the trials, in fact phase two is about to begin. I hope you are ready” The Man finished with a cruel note of satisfaction in his voice.

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