Kane Amory VS The World

Kane Amory wakes up in a room unsure of of what he is doing there . Then He finds Out . He has a long road ahead of him if he wants to survive.
Short Story made for a competition :)
My first story hope you enjoy :)


5. The Creature

Then …

A horrific monster came out of the trees. It was ugly ,slimy and a hundred times worse than any other creature I had ever seen. The thing was the same size as a tall human except I had never seen anything look less like a human. It was hairless and powerful looking, a dark, raw, black. It had a large body like a cockroach: its arms were long and thick with talons extending it even further.It could kill me in seconds I think anxiously. Please tell me this is not what I have to fight I think desperately. Then I see its face. Its face, well- nothing alive should have that face-the sight of it made me feel weak and ill. I am going to die. We stare at each other for a while.

Then it charged.

I just about got out of the way before it stabbed me .I had dived to the floor right in front of my only help. It was a long glistening silver sword. I grasped it between my hands, got off the floor and turned to face the creature. I am not going to die, not if I can help it. It charged again but I am faster than it this time I dived and rolled out  of the way ,I’m not sure how I did it but I couldn’t think about it now. I stabbed and hit its shell. I couldn’t penetrate it so I picked up my sword from where it had fallen with a clatter and ran exhilarated to get away. I had to hit it underneath it if I wanted to kill it. I braced myself. I waited until the very last second then dropped to the floor and as it went over me I stabbed.

I heard a twisted sound of pain come from the creature. I felt a slight twinge of sympathy until I realised it had tried to kill me. I crawled over to it panting heavily. It was taking deep gulps of breath and wheezing. Then it fell still. I collapsed and then lay still on the floor trying to catch my breath.

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